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This is a table of all entities in Celeste. It can be sorted in alphabetical order or by the chapter of the first appearance, in ascending or descending order, by pressing the corresponding header cell. Note that some entities in Farewell are just reskins of entities appearing earlier and are not listed separately. Still, some entities may be listed multiple times despite being a single entity in code due to their vastly different behavior.

For a list of entities from a technical perspective, consider visiting the GitHub modding wiki page.

Entities in Celeste
Image Entity name Alternative names Summary Chapters
found in
Badeline Block Moving Block A Badeline Block is a block found that starts moving between two positions by itself after a short while, supposedly triggered by a Badeline boss. It breaks when a Badeline boss is hit again. It is not to be confused with a Falling Block in a room with a Badeline boss, which falls after Badeline is hit. 6A  •  6B
Badeline Booster Badeline Orb
Badeline Launcher
Badeline Orbs are purple orbs which, on contact, either trigger an animation where Badeline launches the player upwards in an (exclusive) spinning state, or propels the player upwards and refills their dash simultaneously. 6A  •  7  •  8  •  9
Badeline Boss A Badeline Boss is a boss who attacks Madeline using laser-like beams and red projectiles that kill on contact. Whenever a Badeline Boss is hit by moving sufficiently close to her, she moves to another point within the room or flies to the next one. 6A  •  6B
Badeline Chaser Badeline Chasers spawn behind Madeline or another Badeline Chaser, and follow her, ignoring any collision, either three seconds behind Madeline or (if there are multiple Badeline Chasers) one second behind the previous Badeline Chaser. Up to five can spawn in vanilla Celeste. They spawn as soon as Madeline starts moving in a room with them, and kill her on contact. 2
Barriers Seeker Barries Seeker Barriers are nonlethal, walk-through, and transparent entities that forbid Seekers from going through, propelling them off, and destroy Jellyfish on contact. 5  •  9
Bird Birb The Bird, as an interactable entity in the Reconciliation and Farewell checkpoints of Farewell, flings Madeline rightwards whenever she is in its range, refilling her dash. 9
Blade Star Blades, and Stars (a retextured version of Blades), spin either following a line or in a circular motion, killing Madeline if she ends up touching it. 5  •  7  •  9
Blue Torch Blue Torches are off by default, but light up when Madeline touches them. They are primarily found in dark areas in Mirror Temple. 5
Bonfire Campfire A Bonfire is a decorative entity found in Forsaken City, Old Site, and Reflection, often near Theo. The flames in it turn green when Madeline is dreaming. 1A  •  1B  •  2A
2B  •  6A
Bounce Block (Hot) Core Block Commonly referred to as Core Blocks, these are the much more active, fiery form of Bounce Blocks. When Madeline stands on or grabs onto one, the platform gently moves alongside Madeline for a moment before slinging in the opposite direction, flinging Madeline away.

In Core, the fiery version of Bounce Blocks only exists in "hot" mode; they are replaced by their icy equivalent in "cold" mode.

8  •  9
Bounce Block (Cold) Ice Block Commonly referred to as Ice Blocks, these are the cold, dormant form of Bounce Blocks. When Madeline stands on or grabs onto one, the platform will slowly fall for a moment before disappearing entirely.

In Core, the icy version of Bounce Blocks only exists in "cold" mode; they are replaced by their fiery equivalent in "hot" mode.

Bridge A bridge exists near Granny's shack, which you need to cross in order to proceed. In Prologue, it ends up collapsing, forcing Madeline to dash. The Epilogue version of it is reinforced with planks and does not collapse. Pr.  •  Ep.
Bumper Bumpers are circular brown entities with blue borders and serious faces that bounce the player in the direction the player touches. Bumpers temporarily shrink and switch off for a fraction of a second before reactivating each time a bumper is touched. When in "hot" mode in Core, Bumpers become angry and gain spikes, killing Madeline upon contact. 6  •  8
Bumper (hot) Fire Bumper
Hot Bumpers exist only in "hot" mode in Core. Unlike regular bumpers, Hot Bumpers kill Madeline instantly if she touches them. 8
Cassette Cassette Tapes are collectables that unlock the B-Side of the chapter it was collected in. The Cassette Tape is located at the end of each Cassette Tape room. After claiming it, Madeline is transported to the beginning of this room (or to the end, in Core) safely via bubble, and the Cassette Blocks deactivate. 1  •  2  •  3
4  •  5  •  6
7  •  8

Cassette Block Rhythm Block Cassette Blocks are alternating blocks which shift to a beat. They are often paired with 8-bit versions of a chapter's music. They appear in all Cassette Tape rooms, the last room of every B-Side, and Chapter 9, where they also appear in three-color (blue, pink, yellow) and four-color (blue, pink, yellow, green) variants. Only one color is active at a time: for example, when a block switches to pink, Madeline will fall through the blue block she was standing on before. Cassette Blocks may also contain spikes on them, which kill the player on contact. 1  •  2  •  3
4  •  5  •  6
7  •  8  •  9

(All except
Checkpoint Flag Summit Flag
Checkpoint Flags are flags which, upon contact, light up and set Madeline's checkpoint to the platform beneath the flag. Checkpoint Flags also contain a number, which indicates the number of checkpoints before a goal (in vanilla Celeste, the The Summit). 7A  •  7B
Cloud Clouds are bouncy platforms which first squish downwards when Madeline lands on one, and then launch her upwards. Buffering a jump while standing on a cloud allows Madeline to gain large amounts of height. Blue/White Clouds are permanently seated, while Pink Clouds despawn after propelling Madeline upwards (and subsequently respawn). 4  •  7  •  8B  •  9
Clutter Junk Clutter is tiles liberally placed in the Celestial Resort. There are three types of clutter in Celeste: books, clothes, and boxes. Pressing a switch for the corresponding type of clutter will remove this type of clutter from the level. 3A  •  3B
Clutter Cabinet Clutter Cabinets are entities where the clutter of a certain type goes after pressing the Clutter Switch. Madeline cannot reach them in vanilla, and they serve no other use. 3A
Clutter Door Clutter Doors are entities blocking Madeline's path further into the hotel until you talk to Oshiro. They also block paths in Huge Mess which are already completed. Importantly, they share a similar texture with inactive Dream Blocks, but are unrelated. 3A
Clutter Switch Clutter switches clean up all clutter associated with the switch (determined by the clutter type on it). There are three clutter switches, each corresponding to one type of clutter. 3A
Core Switch A switch that permits toggling between "hot" mode and "cold" mode in Chapter 8: Core. Some switches are "bidirectional", allowing switching between hot and cold mode; others are unidirectional, only allowing switching 'to' hot mode or 'to' cold mode, deactivating afterwards. 8
Crumble Block Disappearing Platform Crumble Blocks are gray, unstable platforms which disintegrate shortly after Madeline either grabs them or stands on them, and vanish instantly if Madeline jumps off. They respawn a few seconds later. 1  •  2  •  3
4  •  5  •  6
7  •  8  •  9
Crystal Heart Heart A collectable found in all gameplay chapters. It comes in four colors: blue for A-Sides, red for B-Sides, yellow for C-Sides, and gray for Farewell. Dashing into it will make you slow down before finally stopping. Then, pressing the Confirm button will continue the game or finish the chapter (in Core, B- and C-Sides). 1  •  2  •  3
4  •  5  •  6
7  •  8  •  9

(All sides)
Dash Block Smashable Wall A Dash Block looks similar to its adjacent tiles, but is distinguishable based on its weird texture. Dashing at them breaks them, usually uncovering secret paths or strawberries. 1A  •  2A  •  3A
4A  •  5A  •  6A
7A  •  8A  •  9
Dash Switch Button A switch, typically green or yellow, which, when dashed into or bashed via a Theo Crystal, a seeker, or a jellyfish, will open up a Temple Gate, allowing Madeline to progress. 5  •  7  •  9
Dream Blocks Space Jam A dream block is an extremely versatile block that Madeline can dash through, jump off, climb, jump while exiting the block, and even hyperdash out of one. A deactivated version appears in Old Site A-Side. 2  •  7A  •  7B
8B  •  8C  •  9
Dust Bunnies Sludge Dust Bunnies are lethal obstacles, black in color but outlined in red. They can be static or moving, effectively acting the same way as either blades or spinners. They are prevalent in Celestial Resort. Mr. Oshiro emits them when stressed. 3  •  7A  •  7B  •  9
Falling Block Collapsing Block Some usually unmarked blocks can fall either when Madeline crosses a trigger or interacts with them (grabs or lands on them). These often appear like any other block, and may have spikes or other hazards attached to them. All except Ep.
Feather Feathers are entities which put Madeline into feather mode for approximately five seconds. In feather mode, Madeline is constantly moving, and can go in any direction (compass directions on the keyboard, unlimited on the controller). She is also not affected by gravity during this time. 6  •  7  •  8  •  9
Feather (shielded) Shielded Feathers behave similarly to normal Feathers, but they are encased in a bubble. The bubble prevents Madeline from activating the feather unless she dashes into it. 6
Fireball Hazardous balls of fire are found in the core, moving along set paths one after another. They move faster than their icy counterpart, and are lethal.

In Core, it only exists while in "hot" mode; it is replaced by Ice Balls in "cold" mode.

8  •  9
Golden Strawberry Goldberry A Golden Strawberry is an unusual collectable that is unlocked when Core B-Side is completed. Once unlocked, they can be seen in every gameplay chapter already beaten. When grabbed, the player must complete the whole chapter (a bit more in Farewell) without dying to have it collected. If the player dies, they will be sent back to the room they grabbed it, and it must be grabbed again. 1  •  2  •  3
4  •  5  •  6
7  •  8  •  9
(All sides,
if unlocked)
Golden Strawberry (winged) The winged variant of a Golden Strawberry is a unique collectable found only at the end of 1A. To find and collect it, the player has to complete 1A from start to finish without dashing (though you can dash so long as you don't advance to another room or collect a strawberry). Like normal winged strawberries, it will attempt to fly away if Madeline dashes in the room with it. 1A
Green Booster Green Bubble Green bubbles give Madeline a short boost in any of the eight compass directions. They also refill her dash(es). 4  •  7  •  9
Hanging Lamp Hanging lamps from Old Site. They sway a bit when dashed through. 2A  •  2B  •  2C
Heart Door Crystal Heart Gate Heart Doors are cyan-colored barriers that block Madeline from advancing unless she has a set number of crystal hearts collected within a given save file. If Madeline stands to the left of a closed crystal heart gate, it will start counting the number of hearts she has; if there are enough, the gate will open up from the center, horizontally, with a "flash" line effect. 8A requires 4 hearts, 8B and Farewell require 15, and 8C requires 23 hearts. 8  •  9
Ice Ball Hazardous chunks of ice are found within the Core, moving along set paths one after another. They move slower than their fiery counterpart, and while they are lethal when approached from the left, right, or bottom, they can be bounced off of from the top. Doing so will restore Madeline's dash outside of the Core (due to the altered dash Entitys) and destroy the ice ball until Madeline dies or triggers a screen transition.

In Core, it only exists while in "cold" mode; it is replaced by Fireballs in "hot" mode.

8  •  9
Ice Wall An Ice Wall has all the properties of a standard wall, except you cannot grab them. You can still wall kick, wall bounce, neutral, etc. off them.

In Core, it only exists while in "cold" mode; it is replaced by Conveyor Walls in "hot" mode.

8A  •  8B  •  9
Intro Car The Intro Car is a vehicle that can first be found in Prologue by going to the left at the starting screen. It can be jumped on, bouncing a little whenever Madeline lands on it. It became very famous in the Celeste community and is frequently used in mods as an easter egg. Pr.  •  8A  •  9
Jellyfish Glider
Jellyfish are grabbable entities that act as parachutes, allowing Madeline to fall slowly while she glides. Holding up will make Madeline fall slower, and holding down will make her fall faster. Dashing into the Jellyfish right before grabbing it will carry the momentum of the dash once you grab it, propelling you in whatever direction you were dashing. 9
Jumpthrough One-Way Platform Jumpthroughs can be passed from below, but you can't drop down them, acting as one-way gates. They appear in every chapter except Epilogue. All except Ep.
Kevin Kevin Block
Covert Block
Crush Block
Kevins are brown and have a face on them. Once Madeline dashes into any of its sides with a blue outline, Madeline will bounce up, and the Kevin will awaken. The block will continuously move towards whatever side Madeline dashed into, making an "ororororo" sound, until it hits a wall or Madeline dashes into another one of its sides. Once it hits a wall, the Kevin slowly returns to its original position. 6  •  8B  •  8C  •  9
Key Keys will follow Madeline upon collecting them. They are saved upon Madeline's death. Madeline can have multiple keys with her. They open locks automatically when Madeline approaches them. 3  •  5  •  7  •  9
Lightning Electricity Lightning blocks Madeline's advance in Farewell, killing her upon contact. It can be removed by destroying the Lightning Breaker Box in the room. 9
Lightning Breaker Box Electric Box
Lightning Breaker Boxes are found exclusively in Chapter 9, in Power Source, Reconciliation, and Farewell checkpoints. Dashing into it twice will destroy it, eliminating all electricity in the room. Destroying the box will also restore your dash. In Reconciliation, it is required to destroy them to let the bird proceed. 9
Lock Locks are entities blocking Madeline's path. They can be opened (destroyed) with a Key. 3  •  5  •  7  •  9
Move Block Move Blocks (not to be confused with Moving Blocks a.k.a. Badeline Blocks) are black with a blue arrow in the middle. Grabbing or stepping on the block will activate it, turn the arrow green, and make the block move in the arrow's direction. Some moving blocks have blue sides, allowing Madeline to control the block by standing on/grabbing the side and pressing a direction perpendicular to the direction the arrow is pointing. If a Move Block hits a wall for too long, the arrow will turn into a red X and the block will shatter, respawning at its original position shortly afterward. 4  •  7  •  9
Moving Platform Moving Platforms move on a set track indefinitely, affecting Madeline's movement if she lands on them. 3  •  4  •  7  •  8B
Oshiro Boss Oshiro A form of Mr. Oshiro after Badeline angered him in the Presidential Suite subchapter of Celestial Resort. He follows Madeline, periodically charging at her. Approaching him while charging from below or the side instantly kills Madeline, however, jumping on him from above sends Oshiro into a cooldown and refills Madeline's dashes. 3A  •  3B  •  3C
Pufferfish Fish Pufferfish are found in Farewell. A line can be seen when approaching it. If you touch the dots below the line, it will explode, propelling you in the direction you approached it from. Otherwise, bouncing on it will make it go down; it is required on many levels with pufferfish. They can also activate touch switches. 9
Red Booster Red Bubble Red bubbles act similarly to Green bubbles, but unlike the latter, which only offer a quick burst of movement, a Red bubble will continue to propel Madeline in whatever direction she initially chose until Madeline hits a wall or cancels the bubble with a dash. 5  •  7
Refill (single) Dash Crystal A diamond which, upon touching, if Madeline isn't at her full number of dashes or if her stamina is running low, will refill her dashes to the maximum possible (or add one dash in Farewell), and her stamina to the maximum value of 110. 1  •  2  •  3
4  •  5  •  6
7  •  8  •  9
Refill (double) Double Dash Crystal A double diamond which, upon touching, if Madeline doesn't already have two dashes or is running low on stamina, will refill her dashes to 2 regardless of her maximum number of dashes, and refill her stamina to the maximum value of 110. The second dash will not refill itself after Madeline uses it up. 9
Seeker Monster Seekers are enemies found within the Mirror Temple. They have many properties similar to Madeline, as they can activate switches and buttons, and are able to dash. They aggressively seek out Madeline and will dash once the path to her is clear. They cannot pass through barriers and can be jumped on, which restores Madeline's dash and stuns the Seeker for a bit. When respawning, if Madeline is close to the Seeker when it is about to respawn, it will send her flying in the opposite direction. 5A  •  5B
Sinking Platform Sinking platforms move down when Madeline stands on them and go back up when she leaves. Pressing the down button makes them sink faster. 3  •  7
Snowball Snowballs are constantly launched from the right side of the screen, forcing Madeline to avoid them. They act similarly to Mr. Oshiro's boss form: if they approach underneath, Madeline dies, but jumping on them allows her to bounce and refill her dash(es). 4  •  7
Spikes Spikes are tiny obstacles, usually found grouped, that instantly kill Madeline upon contact unless she is moving in their direction (away from them). They appear in every numbered chapter, with chapters 4, part of 5, and 6 having their reskins. They can be attached to other entities, notably Cassette Blocks where they are colored the same as the block they are connected to. 1  •  2  •  3
4  •  5  •  6
7  •  8  •  9
Spinners Crystals Spinners are circular spike-like entities acting similarly to dust bunnies, killing Madeline when she touches their hitbox. They often appear connected in large formations and are colored based on the chapter. 4  •  5  •  6
7  •  8  •  9
Springs Springs are entities that, upon contact, bounce Madeline, a Theo Crystal, a Pufferfish, or a Jellyfish in the direction the springs are facing. They can be oriented left, right, or up. 1  •  2  •  3
4  •  5  •  6
7  •  8  •  9
Starjump Block Starjump blocks, found at the start of Reflection, and in Core, move down a little when Madeline stands on them. 6A  •  8A  •  8B
Strawbеrry Regular red strawberries are optional collectables scattered across the chapters' A-Sides (except 6A). To collect one, Madeline needs to touch it, return to the "safe zone" (most tiles, some solid entities, or water), and stay there for at least 9 frames (0.15s). If they were collected previously, their texture turns to light blue. They affect only the pie in Epilogue, the file stamps, and achievements. 1A  •  2A  •  3A  •  4A
5A  •  7A  •  8A
Strawberry (seeded) Strawberries can be seeded, meaning that before collecting it, Madeline has to collect all of its seeds first without touching the ground for more than 9 frames (0.15s) at a time, jumping, or dashing on the ground. However, you can touch the ground and then walk off within 9 frames to keep them. If all seeds are collected together, the strawberry will be created and remain until collected, even if Madeline dies. 2A  •  4A  •  5A  •  7A
Strawberry (winged) Strawberries can also be winged. If Madeline dashes in a room with a winged strawberry, it flies away shortly and respawns only if Madeline dies. 1A  •  2A  •  3A
4A  •  5A  •  7A
Strawberry (moon) Moon Berry The moon berry is a unique collectable appearing in the final checkpoint of Farewell. It requires the player to go left instead of right after breaking the Lightning Breaker Box and then complete a series of extra rooms, one of which involves dying on purpose. Collecting it shows "WOW" and awards the "Wow" achievement. 9
Swap Block Dash Platform
Dash Block
A platform which very quickly shifts according to a see-through outline to its other end as soon as Madeline dashes, and slowly retracts back to its original location. Madeline can gain considerable momentum using these platforms, especially when using a hyperdash off them. They can be of different sizes and can go both horizontally and vertically. 5  •  7A  •  7B
8B  •  8C  •  9
Temple Cracked Block Temple Cracked Blocks are brown-red blocks that break when a Seeker collides with it. Once broken, it can reveal springs, touch switches, or even strawberries. 5A  •  5B
Temple Gate (gold) Theo Door A gold gate, blocking Madeline's path, that opens automatically when a Theo Crystal is near it (about 5 tiles). It appears in 5A (Rescue checkpoint) and 5B (Mix Master checkpoint) 5A  •  5B
Temple Gate (gray) Temple Door A gray-colored gate that can block Madeline's path. It can be opened by pressing a corresponding Dash Switch or triggering all Touch Switches in a room. A variation of it closes automatically and permanently when Madeline has passed it, acting as a one-way gate. 5  •  7  •  9
Theo Crystal Theo A Theo Crystal is a throwable entity that appears in the last checkpoints of 5A and 5B. It must be carried to the exit to progress, as Gold temple gates automatically open only when a Theo Crystal is near. It can activate touch switches and dash switches, and it also interferes with Seekers' trajectory. 5A  •  5B
Touch Switch Gate Touch Switch Platforms move to a predetermined place when all Touch Switches are activated. Like many blocks, they can have spikes attached. 1B  •  2  •  3
4  •  5  •  6
7  •  8  •  9
Touch switches Coin Touch switches can be triggered by Madeline, a Theo Crystal, a Seeker, a Pufferfish, or a Jellyfish upon contact. When all Touch switches in a room are activated, Touch Switch platforms move or a Gray Temple Gate opens (in Mirror Temple). 1B  •  2  •  3
4  •  5  •  6
7  •  8  •  9
Trigger Spikes Dust Triggers Trigger Spikes are red hairs on surfaces such as walls and ground. Madeline can touch them just fine, but after leaving them, they transform into lethal dust bunnies. 3  •  7A  •  7B  •  9
Wall Booster Conveyor Belt
Conveyor Wall
A conveyor belt that propels Madeline upwards. If she ungrabs at the right time, it can launch her a relatively significant distance upwards.

In Core, it only exists while in "hot" mode; it is replaced by Ice Walls while in "cold" mode.

8A  •  8B  •  9
Water Water is an entity where Madeline can move and dash indefinitely, albeit slowly and ignoring gravity. Being submerged also modifies the game's music and sounds. 3A  •  4A  •  6
White Block This block can be found in the secret Crystal Heart room of Golden Ridge. Crouching for long enough causes Madeline to fall through the block and walk on the background tiles until the heart is collected. This is a reference to an identical Entity in the video game Super Mario Bros. 3Wikipedia. 4A
Zip Mover Traffic Block
Zip Movers are grey and attached to a conveyor. Standing on or grabbing the block will activate it, causing it to rapidly accelerate along its track before rapidly stopping at the end. Afterward, it will slowly move back to its initial position, where it can be activated again. Madeline can use this to gain momentum by jumping at the last moment.

A reskinned version of the Zip Mover is found within Farewell.

1  •  2  •  7
8B  •  8C  •  9


These are not normally referred to as entities. They still affect gameplay, but they are very distinct from other entities.

Entities in Celeste
Image Entity name Alternative names Summary Chapters
found in
Binoculars Binos
Binoculars are utility entities, typically located at the start of a room and allowing to preview it. They are placed in long and hard rooms which require players to plan their route. 1B  •  1C  •  2
3B  •  4  •  5
6  •  7  •  8C
PICO–8 Computer The PICO-8 terminal can be found in Huge Mess of 3A. Upon interaction, Celeste Classic launches and becomes accessible from the main menu (on first launch). Celeste Classic does not influence the main game, apart from awarding the "Real Gamer" achievement when fully completed, and contributing to the global stats in the journal (on some platforms). 3A
Rising Lava/Ice In some rooms in Core, rising lava (in hot mode) or ice (in cold mode) appears. It climbs at a steady pace, making lower elements of a level inaccessible, and killing Madeline upon contact. If Madeline is high enough to have the lava/ice invisible on-screen, it catches up. 8A  •  8B
Sandwich Lava/Ice In some rooms of Core, sandwich lava (in hot mode) or ice (in cold mode) appears. It consists of two parts, top and bottom. If the mode is ice, both parts move down. If the mode is lava, both parts move up. This forces the player to periodically trigger Core Switches to keep both parts away. 8A  •  8B  •  8C
Tiles Blocks Tiles are the core component of all levels in Celeste. They form walls, floors, and ceilings. Madeline can walk or climb on some of them, and perform various tech. Over 20 different tilesets are used in-game (for the foreground), with distinct sounds played upon interaction. All
Wind Wind affects Madeline's movement to varying degrees, sometimes making forward movement near impossible without dashing, or potentially speeding her up. Wind can blow in any cardinal direction (up, down, left, or right), albeit only horizontally-blowing wind appears in Golden Ridge. 4  •  7  •  9