Mr. Oshiro

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Mr. Oshiro
Oshiro as depicted in the Epilogue

Age "old"[1][2]
Pronouns he/him
Status Deceased (ghost)
Friends  • Bird (possibly)
 • Hotel staff (formerly)

List of characters

Mr. Oshiro is a resident at Celeste Mountain and one of the characters Madeline meets in her climb. He first appears in the Celestial Resort when Madeline rings a bell in the hotel's reception and is one of the main characters of this chapter. He last appears in the epilogue. He is the long-deceased owner of the Celestial Resort and runs the hotel alone despite the evident lack of customers.

According to Granny, he stays because he is "a lost soul," and the hotel is "much more than just a hotel to him". This is further evidenced by various clues found in the chapter. In the Epilogue, Mr. Oshiro opens up and leaves the hotel to attend the "party" with everyone to have some homemade strawberry pie.

Biography[edit | edit source]

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Mr. Oshiro was once the Celestial Resort concierge, a hotel staff member, and a general caretaker who greeted and assisted the guests. He took great pride in his job and treated the guests and employees like his family. Unfortunately, due to circumstances beyond their control, the resort would be closed indefinitely. This can be seen on a notice to hotel staff written by Mr. Oshiro, found in the same room as the Celeste Classic.

After his mysterious death decades before the game events[3], he still resides in the Celestial Resort as a lost spirit without realizing his demise, now disillusioned as expressed in his monologues throughout the chapter. He also unknowingly spawns living sludge manifested from his doubts and fears, as evident from the scene before reaching the presidential suite where Mr. Oshiro was more doubtful of his abilities after Madeline helped clean up the resort. Badeline challenged his belief that the resort was still in operation, but Mr. Oshiro chased Madeline out of the hotel.

It is unknown when exactly Mr. Oshiro was freed from his disillusions, but it is shown in the credits that he uses his sludge to help clean up the resort, suggesting that he had perhaps overcome his doubts and fears. There, a bird flies over and invites him to a party in the Epilogue. He appears to be more sociable: Granny remarks that it is the first time she has seen him outside of his hotel.

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  2. "You're in denial, old man." (Badeline, 3A)
  3. indicated by Mr. Oshiro's diary