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Theo as featured on Instagram / Instapix

Other names  • @TheoUnderStars
 • Mix Master Theo
Gender Male
Pronouns he/him
Instrument Guitar




Theo can die whilst stuck in a crystal. However, he can respawn just as quickly as Madeline in this state, making him de facto immortal. Outside of this state, it is unknown whether Theo is immortal or not.

Family  • Alex (sister)
 • Carlos (grandfather)
Friends  • Madeline
 • Granny

List of characters

Theo is a major character in Celeste. He climbs the mountain alongside Madeline throughout many of the game's earlier chapters. His primary justification for climbing the mountain is to take pictures to increase his number of followers on InstaPix, (aka game instagram version) a social media platform; he additionally supports Madeline on various occasions, especially between the end of Golden Ridge to Reflection. He can be found in all chapters except The Summit and Core.