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Theo as featured on InstaPix

Other names  • @TheoUnderStars
 • Mix Master Theo
Gender Male
Pronouns he/him
Instrument Guitar




Theo can die whilst stuck in a crystal. However, he can respawn just as quickly as Madeline in this state, making him de facto immortal. It is unknown whether Theo is immortal or not outside of this state.

Family  • Alex (sister)
 • Carlos (grandfather)
Friends  • Madeline
 • Granny

List of characters

Theo is a major character in Celeste. He climbs the mountain alongside Madeline throughout the earlier chapters. His primary justification for climbing the mountain is to take pictures to increase his number of followers on InstaPix, a social media platform; he additionally supports Madeline on various occasions, especially between the end of Golden Ridge to Reflection. He can be found in all chapters except Prologue, The Summit and Core.

As revealed at the start of Reflection, Theo has a sister named Alex[1], who has a lot of similarities to Madeline, such as living so deep inside her head.

Biography[edit | edit source]

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Selfie taken in Old Site with filter applied.
Before climbing Celeste Mountain, as indicated by his Instapix account, Theo lived in California before moving to Seattle, where he got a job he hated, eventually quitting it and moving to Vancouver. Then he decided to visit Celeste Mountain due to his recently deceased grandfather traveling there.

Theo can be first interacted with in Forsaken City. There they talk with Madeline about the city, among other things. In Old Site, he shows Madeline the photos of the ruins, and then they take a selfie. Theo also reveals that his grandpa was semi-famous in the photography world. It made Theo want to try photography.

In Celestial Resort, Theo, who arrived at the hotel before Madeline, can be seen attempting to pry off the vent cover to get out of the hotel. There, he calls Mr. Oshiro a "creepy old weirdo" and, when Madeline refuses to escape with him, tells her to take care of herself before he proceeds to flee. This interaction is mandatory and can not be avoided.

In the first room of the Elevator Shaft checkpoint, Theo can be interacted with by going to the right after passing the shaft. He blasts off yet another vent cover, mentioning that "it's a maze in here." Theo then insists Madeline on escaping the hotel after she tells him about the huge mess she cleaned, and upon Madeline's refusing tells her that he didn't expect her to listen and calls her a "jailbird."

Selfie taken at the end of Golden Ridge

Theo appears at the end cutscene of Golden Ridge. He "nails" the jump down to Madeline and the gondola by landing face-down on the ground. He's eager to try it out, and they both ride the gondola, talking about the events of Celestial Resort. Theo then proposes to take a selfie when a gondola stalls out, possibly by Badeline. Madeline is shown to be having a panic attack. Theo then tells Madeline to close her eyes, picture a feather, and breathe slow and steady, up and down, to keep it floating. After completing this minigame, the gondola starts moving again. Madeline thanks Theo for helping her calm down, and Theo shows her the selfie.

Theo is seen at the start of Mirror Temple, eager to explore it despite Madeline objecting. Maddy finds his phone in the temple, worried about what could have happened to him. After a few screens, Madeline comes across Theo stuck in a mirror when he was taking a selfie in the temple, and he says that it's weird in there, asking Madeline to be careful.

Maddy then finds Theo once again stuck in a crystal, with eyes staring at it. He asks for help, believing in her. They are separated by a line of spinners, forcing Madeline to find another way. When she does find a way to him, she attempts to break the crystal by dashing into it, but it just falls to the ground. Maddy needs to carry it to proceed, and Theo supports her emotionally.

Selfie taken at the start of Reflection

At the start of Reflection, Madeline and Theo have a long conversation about the events in the temple. There Madeline finally reveals the "Part of Her" who was haunting her the whole time, being the culprit of the events that happened. Theo tells her about his sister Alex, who is studying to be a civil rights lawyer and, similarly to Maddy, lives very deep inside her head, as well as his grandpa, who told him about Celeste Mountain, among other things. They also talk about what depression is like, and at the end, Madeline says that she wants to remember this night, and now offers Theo to take a selfie.

When Madeline falls after the conversation with Badeline, Theo rushes to help, eventually reaching her at the end of the chapter along with Granny. There he sees "her other self" for the first time, comments on her appearance, and, seeing how they are doing fine, motivates Madeline to finish her climb.

Theo does not appear in The Summit, but in Epilogue he is waiting for her in Granny's cabin, the same seen in Prologue. He's excited to try out the pie Madeline baked and expresses his reaction after tasting it, which depends on the number of strawberries Madeline has collected so far. In Core, Madeline tells Granny that Theo spent the summer in Vancouver, and they had a good time there together. Now, Theo's in California with his family since he wants to support her sister in finishing law school.

The photo of Theo's grandpa with Granny

In Farewell, Theo appears after the ending cutscene with Granny. Madeline, after waking up, video calls him. Theo comments that it's been forever since they last talked. Maddy tells him about her connections with Granny. Theo then reveals to her the photo of Theo's grandpa with Granny at Celeste Mountain, which he found when going through old stuff with his sister Alex. Madeline ends up being very surprised, so Theo remarks that Granny and his grandpa must have been friends, just like he is with Madeline, and they shared Celeste Mountain with them. Maddy then states: "That is nice." before the chapter concludes.

Theo's family photo with Alex, himself and his grandpa.

Theo's Instagram account last posted on September 9, 2019, commenting that he'll take a social media break for a while.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Theo was originally going to be a less important character as just a hiker Madeline could talk to throughout the game, however he was made more central to the story when the developers thought of his role in Mirror Temple.[2]
  1. Theo's sister will be named Maddy if Madeline is named Alex in the save file.
  2. Maddy Thorson, Celeste Developer Commentary Livestream on YouTube