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The Epilogue is the final chapter of "main game" Celeste, and occurs after Summit, following Madeline's descent from the peak of Celeste Mountain. It is the shortest chapter in Celeste, because most of it consists of cutscenes.


Sides A-Side only
Characters  • Madeline
 • Badeline
 • Theo
 • Granny
 • Mr. Oshiro
 • Bird
Soundtrack Celeste OST:
19  •   Exhale

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Plot[edit | edit source]

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   For preceding events, see Credits and Summit.

Madeline makes it back into Granny's shack, the same she passed by during the Prologue. She is welcomed back by Granny, along with Theo and the Bird. Madeline describes the summit as "incredible," and Badeline agrees.

Mr. Oshiro appears soon after, since he was beckoned by the Bird during the credits. Badeline quickly grows suspicious, but after he reveals that the Bird invited him, Madeline tells him to stay, and he does. Granny comments on how that is the first time she saw him outside of his hotel. She then announces that Madeline is baking a cake; Badeline says she isn't much of a baker, but Madeline quickly stops her. Afterwards, she serves the cake. The number of strawberries Madeline has collected up to that point determines the ending; after all, the whole point of strawberries is to impress your friends.

If Madeline has between   0 and  19 strawberries, the pie's design will contain no strawberries at all and will appear quite bland, with a plain brown filling. The pie ends up disappointing everyone: Theo, who comments on how it is "technically a pie"; Oshiro, who asks if the pie was a joke, and Granny, who comments on how strawberry pies should have strawberries within. Badeline does not speak, looking disappointingly at the pie, perhaps aware that she was right when she said that Madeline isn't much of a baker.

If Madeline has between  20 and  49 strawberries, the pie will now have a single strawberry on top and a strawberry filling; it's now an actual strawberry pie. Even though Theo chooses not to eat it, stating he simply "can't" despite appreciating Maddy's efforts, Granny says more reasonably that "it's the thought that counts." Badeline then defends Madeline, saying that she'll eat it all herself; after Maddy interjects, she says it was an empty threat. Oshiro does not speak during this ending.

If Madeline has between  50 and  89 strawberries, the pie gains a large amount of strawberry filling as a topping. Oshiro comments on how Madeline "tried her best"; Badeline quickly defends her other self, while Theo states that it tastes really good. Granny, however, says that "she's had worse." The ending photo shows all the characters smiling to some degree.

If Madeline has between  90 and 149 strawberries, the pie gains a criss-cross lattice on top of it and has a second strawberry sitting atop. Granny is impressed, and so is Badeline. Theo calls it "so tasty" and asks whether he can take a slice home for his sister Alex. Oshiro asks if Madeline can cater his hotel's re-opening banquet. The ending photo shows all the characters visibly smiling.

If Madeline has between 150 and 202 strawberries[note 1], the pie gains frosting on its edge, two scoops of strawberry ice cream atop, and a third strawberry (a winged one) on top. All the characters display extreme glee, commenting on how "magnificent" the pie is. Badeline asks to take partial credit. The ending photo shows all the characters overjoyed; Badeline is holding three strawberries in her hand, with another one wrapped in a lock of hair.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

There's effectively no gameplay and no ways to die (except retrying) in the Epilogue. The speedrun timer is not shown and does not run here. Walking or dashing left in front of Granny's cabin triggers the ending cutscene.

At the right of the room where Madeline first spawns, the bridge, which is now much sturdier than its Prologue form, is present. Madeline can cross the bridge and find a secret room containing a bird's nest and a few multicolored birds resting within. No more secrets are present.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The maximum number of strawberries Madeline can legitimately obtain when first playing the epilogue, without Cheat Mode, is 171 strawberries: 170 Red strawberries, plus the winged golden berry in Forsaken City A-Side. This is because Core and its five strawberries only become accessible after the epilogue.
  • A rumor has spread on the Internet, stating that if the game is completed in three hours or less with all red strawberries, the pie will appear in a swimsuit (a reference to Metroid's ending). This is obviously false.
  1. If Madeline's strawberry count is beyond 202, which is only possible via mods, this ending is the one which plays.