Celeste Mountain

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For those whom desire it, the so-called experts at Wikipedia have an article about Celeste Mountain.

In real life, Mount Celeste is a 2,041 meter (6,696 ft) mountain located on Vancouver Island, Canada with geographical coordinates 49°34′N 125°24′W. It is part of the Strathcona Provincial Park and lies at the northernmost part of Rees Ridge. Iceberg Peak is its shorter sister peak located south of it. The first peak's ascent is credited to Jack Horbury and Jock Sutherland on August 18, 1934.

In Celeste, a fictional version of Mount Celeste, known as Celeste Mountain, is present. It is over 3,000 meters (9,842 ft) tall and seems to be a standalone peak with great prominence. It also has some psychic properties, unwrapping Madeline, Theo, and Granny. Inside it is the Core, which fuels many of these properties and is blocked by a Crystal Heart Gate.

Many Celestecord members believe Celeste Mountain's powers allow Madeline to dash.[1] This has not been confirmed nor denied by the developers. However, Granny hints at it in Core by stating that the mountain's powers will affect Madeline differently, which is reflected by changing the dash's behavior.

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