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Granny, sitting on her pink-purple gaming chair. She has white hair and is smiling with her eyes closed. She is wearing a green jacket and brown trousers, and she's holding a cup with hot evaporating liquid. On the background is a black and white photo of her when she was younger, with Celeste Mountain on its background.
Granny on her gaming chair

Other names  • Old Woman
 • Celia
Age "old"
Pronouns she/her


Alive during the main story (prologue through epilogue), as well as Chapter 8. She died shortly before the events of Farewell.

Friends  • Madeline
 • Theo
 • Bird
 • Carlos

List of characters

Granny is a character who lives on her own at the foot of Celeste Mountain. She helps Madeline on her journey towards the Summit and beyond. She appears in Prologue, Golden Ridge A-Side (Start subchapter), Reflection A-Side (Reflection subchapter and the ending cutscene), Summit C-Side, Epilogue, Core A-Side (Start subchapter), and the end of Farewell (the very start and the very end, but she is mentioned throughout the whole chapter).

The bird is usually found close to Granny, hinting that they may be somehow bound. This ends up being one of the key plot points in Chapter 9.

Biography[edit | edit source]

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Long before the events of the main game, she settled on Celeste Mountain. She met Mr. Oshiro, who was presumably alive at that time, thoroughly explored the mountain, and experienced its magical powers. Before Madeline, she had a few travellers trying to reach the peak too, but they all most likely failed. She has at least four houses on Celeste Mountain, found in Prologue/Epilogue, Golden Ridge, Reflection, and at the cave's entrance in Core.

Her first conversation with Madeline turns out to be rather negative. After Madeline mentions the collapsed driveway, Granny laughs at her, warning her that she might not be ready, much to Madeline's doubt. Madeline calls her "an old bat" and suggests she seek help, to which Granny only continues to laugh.

They don't cross until Chapter 4. Granny seems pleased over Madeline getting here healthy and safe. She asks Madeline about Oshiro, and after listening to her story she comments on the pointlessness of her efforts to help him. Maddy interrupts her, saying that Celeste Mountain made both Oshiro and Granny crazy. Granny then shares some of the mountain's capabilities (like how it keeps her honest) and wishes Madeline good luck. She shares that she doesn't get too many visitors up there.

In Reflection, Madeline runs into Granny again. Maddy admits that she fell and gave up. Granny, however, notices she isn't quite over it, and says that she has "never met someone so angry at themself." Granny suggests that Madeline finds Badeline, who made her collapse, and talks to her, since Granny thinks she is scared. Madeline does exactly that, so Granny wishes her good luck. Also, Granny comments about the mountain keeping her vigilant. At the end of this chapter, Granny walks to Madeline and Badeline, who have reconciled, and shows appreciation. Nonetheless, she warns them of the climb's difficulty, but assures them that they can reach the peak.

In the Epilogue, Madeline walks back to Granny's shack alongside Badeline. Mr. Oshiro and Theo come there too. Upon greeting the guests, Granny notes that it's the first time she sees Oshiro outside his hotel, and invites Madeline to bake a strawberry pie. The characters' further reactions depend on the number of strawberries collected so far.

Granny also appears at the end of 7C. Standing on the grass platform, she implores Madeline to take care of herself. Then, she encourages Madeline to go and grab the Crystal Heart. Note that this interaction, like all alternate sides, is not considered canon.

Between Epilogue and Core, Madeline and Granny kept in touch with one another. On the phone, she told Madeline about the cave that leads to the mountain's center. In the starting cutscene of Core, she is seen guiding Madeline to the cave, where she also has a shack right before the crystal heart gate. Afterward, she warns Madeline about its power once again, and how it will affect her abnormally. She also inquires about Maddy's "other part", theorizing that they fused now, and about Theo. As for herself, she hasn't made any major changes to her lifestyle recently, but she's still strong thanks to the Mountain, and she's not expecting to die anytime soon (situational irony).

Shortly before the events of Farewell, Granny dies; the circumstances of her death are unknown. Madeline couldn't come to her funeral. She decides to follow after the bird, believing that it's a Part of Granny, but Badeline still reckons "it's just a bird." After completing the chapter, Madeline finds Granny standing on clouds, presumably in heaven. Maddy offers excuses for not attending her funeral, but Granny mocks her that she doesn't care and laughs before disappearing. Then again, this interaction occurred only in Madeline's dream. After waking up, Maddy chats with Theo, who shows her a photo of his grandpa with Granny in her youth, implying that they were friends. It is also thought that they met during Granny's first climb.