Mr. Oshiro

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Mr. Oshiro
Oshiro as depicted in the Epilogue

Age Unknown; "old"[1][2]
Gender Male
Pronouns he/him
Status Deceased (ghost)
Friends  • Bird (possibly)
 • Hotel staff (formerly)

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Mr. Oshiro is the long-deceased ghost running the Celestial Resort. He shows a clear affiliation to the hotel, to the point where Granny calls him a lost soul; the hotel was evidently successful but shut down long before the events of Celeste. Presumably since the Celestial Resort closed, Mr. Oshiro has never left the hotel; however, this changes when he attends the Epilogue party, when invited by the Bird.

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  1. "He's a creepy old weirdo." (Theo, 3A)
  2. "You're in denial, old man." (Badeline, 3A)