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Credits are shown after the ending cutscene in the final gameplay chapter of "main-game" Celeste, The Summit. They can also be viewed from the main menu (before selecting a savefile). Credits mention the developers of Celeste along with their role in the game; remixers of the Celeste OST whose tracks got included in Celeste B-Sides; contributors and playtesters; the community (including the Celeste Discord); special thanks; "production kitties"; used libraries. Lastly, they also thank the player for playing the game.

Credits are not and cannot be translated into other languages. They mention about 60 names.

After completing the game[edit | edit source]

After completing Summit A-Side, credits are displayed while Madeline and Badeline descend Celeste Mountain in the background. It appears as if they're taking a different route than before. They pass through Golden Ridge-like terrain, traversing through a pit with water and clouds. At its end, the bird visits Mr. Oshiro, who is cleaning up the hotel with sludge carrying boxes for him. They also pass through Old Site, notably the phone booth there. Finally, they cross the now-repaired bridge to Granny's shack. Occasionally, high-resolution photos appear within the credits, illustrating Madeline's and Badeline's emotions. The epilogue starts right after the credits end.

Here, credits can be paused or skipped but not scrolled. 19  •   Exhale plays during the credits. The cutscene lasts about three minutes.

From the main menu[edit | edit source]

Credits when played from the main menu

Credits can also be viewed from the main menu, even before completing the game. Their content is the same, but they do not include photos or the climbers' descent in the background.

Here, credits can be scrolled manually and skipped (with the Cancel button). They automatically pause for a few seconds when scrolled. 21  •   My Dearest Friends plays during them, which is also the only time in the game when this track is played. Here, they last for about two minutes and a half.

Gallery[edit | edit source]