Celeste B-Sides

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Celeste B-Sides

Artist Various Artists
Lena Raine (mastered by)
Price $5
Track listing

01  •   Forsaken City (Sever the Skyline Mix)
Remixed by Maxo
02  •   Old Site (Black Moonrise Mix)
Remixed by Ben Prunty
03  •   Celestial Resort (Good Karma Mix)
Remixed by Christa Lee
04  •   Golden Ridge (Golden Feather Mix)
Remixed by in love with a ghost
05  •   Mirror Temple (Mirror Magic Mix)
Remixed by 2 Mello
06  •   Reflection (Center of the Earth Mix)
Remixed by Jukio Kallio
07  •   Summit (No More Running Mix)
Remixed by Kuraine
08  •   The Core (Say Goodbye Mix)
Remixed by Matthewせいじ

09  •   (Bonus) Area 1 Demo
Composed by Lena Raine
Link to album Bandcamp

List of music

Celeste B-Sides is the official release of the soundtrack from Celeste's B-Sides and C-Sides. It is mastered by Lena Raine and based on the A-Side music she wrote, but is otherwise remixed and performed by various other artists: Maxo, composer of Chordslayer, Ben Prunty, composer of Faster Than Light, Christa Lee, composer of Welcome to the Fantasy Zone, in love with a ghost, composer of Healing, 2 Mello, composer of Read-Only Memories, Jukio Kallio, composer of Nuclear Throne, Kuraine, composer of Singularity, and Matthewせいじ (pronounced Matthew Seiji), composer of Opus Magnum.

It is available on a variety of platforms, notably on Bandcamp (where 24-bit FLACs may be downloaded), but also on iTunes, most digital download stores, and most digital streaming services.

All B-Side soundtracks are included within this album, as well as a development version of Forsaken City's soundtrack, "Area 1 Demo". Cassette Tape 8-bit remixes featured at the end of every B-Side are instead included in the Madeline's Grab Bag album, which is offered for free on Bandcamp. A-Sides have their soundtrack in the Celeste OST album, while Farewell's soundtrack is included in Celeste: Farewell OST.

Note: The following sections contain spoilers for Celeste, up to Chapter 8: Core and some of the B-Sides. Please read at your own risk. Celeste Wiki is not responsible for any unwanted spoilers of Celeste that you may encounter.

Track listing[edit | edit source]

First Steps (Sever the Skyline Mix)[edit | edit source]

Sever the Skyline is the song playing in Forsaken City B-Side. It's a much faster remix of First Steps, possibly representing a return to a harder Celeste Mountain after all the A-Sides. It's also the shortest B-Side track, at 2 minutes and 31 seconds. However, it is not the shortest track in the B-Sides album, as that title goes to the Area 1 Demo, which is 1 minute and 13 seconds long.

Resurrections (Black Moonrise Mix)[edit | edit source]

Black Moonrise is the song playing in Old Site B-Side. It's a darker, scarier, and tenser remix of Resurrections, possibly representing the nightmare aspect of the dream Madeline has in Chapter 2.

Celestial Resort (Good Karma Mix)[edit | edit source]

Good Karma is the song playing in Celestial Resort B-Side. It's a fast, upbeat song that possibly represents a return to the Resort's glory days. Like Golden Feather and unlike every other B-Side track, it doesn't have a connection to any song in the Celeste OST. This doesn't make as much sense with respect to the level itself, with 3B's hotel looking as broken as 3A's.

Golden Ridge (Golden Feather Mix)[edit | edit source]

Golden Feather is the song playing in Golden Ridge B-Side. It's a relaxing and peaceful track that possibly represents the beautiful scenery of the Golden Ridge. Like Good Karma and unlike every other B-Side track, it doesn't have much connection to any song in the Celeste OST.

Mirror Temple (Mirror Magic Mix)[edit | edit source]

Mirror Magic is the song playing in Mirror Temple B-Side. It's a faster, smoother, more mysterious, and jazzier remix of Quiet and Falling with a bit of In the Mirror added in, possibly representing the mental state of a post-Celeste Madeline or Theo.

Reflection (Center of the Earth Mix)[edit | edit source]

Center of the Earth is the song playing in Reflection B-Side. It's a slower and much darker take on Confronting Myself, possibly representing a possible alternate scenario where Badeline did drag Madeline and herself down to the Center of the Earth. A modified version of Confronting Myself's distinct "Heyya" voice lines are present, as well as a few parts of said song's melody, but references to Confronting Myself are scarce here, and the glitching effect present in the later half of Confronting Myself is entirely absent in Center of the Earth.

Summit (No More Running Mix)[edit | edit source]

No More Running is the song playing in The Summit B-Side. It is a more serious remix of Reach for the Summit, representing the difficulty and seriousness of the B-Sides compared to the A-Sides. At 3 minutes and 43 seconds into the song, a voice-like synth appears, breaking up the mostly repetitive melody before this point and becoming one of the main instruments of the song.

No More Running is the longest B-Side track in the game, at 8 minutes and 37 seconds. It is also the only song in the B-Sides to be entirely composed by Lena Raine herself, under a pseudonym used for some of her songs and albums (Kuraine).

The Core (Say Goodbye Mix)[edit | edit source]

Say Goodbye is the song playing in Core B-Side. It's a much slower, calmer, and quieter version of Heart of the Mountain, contrasting with the difficult gameplay of 8B itself. As the song progresses, it builds up significantly, leading to Say Goodbye's version of Heart of the Mountain's melody.

(Bonus) Area 1 Demo[edit | edit source]

The Area 1 Demo is a short, upbeat, and fast-paced song originally intended to be in the place of First Steps. It was (probably) scrapped due to its tone not matching with Celeste and its first level. It is by far the shortest track in the album, at 1 minute and 13 seconds, which is a little under half of the next shortest track, Sever the Skyline.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Despite "Area 1 Demo" being the prototype version of First Steps, it's listed under the B-Sides soundtrack for odd reasons.
  • The text for Matthewせいじ is pre-rendered because Celeste does not render Japanese fonts while playing in languages other than Japanese, Chinese, and Korean.
    • This also explains why the entire string of text is rendered in a different font (instead of solely the Japanese hiragana).