Celeste B-Sides

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Celeste B-Sides

Artist Various Artists
Lena Raine (mastered by)
Price (USD) $5
Track listing

01  •   Forsaken City (Sever the Skyline Mix)
Remixed by Maxo
02  •   Old Site (Black Moonrise Mix)
Remixed by Ben Prunty
03  •   Celestial Resort (Good Karma Mix)
Remixed by Christa Lee
04  •   Golden Ridge (Golden Feather Mix)
Remixed by in love with a ghost
05  •   Mirror Temple (Mirror Magic Mix)
Remixed by 2 Mello
06  •   Reflection (Center of the Earth Mix)
Remixed by Jukio Kallio
07  •   Summit (No More Running Mix)
Remixed by Kuraine
08  •   The Core (Say Goodbye Mix)
Remixed by Matthewせいじ

09  •   (Bonus) Area 1 Demo
Composed by Lena Raine
Link to album Bandcamp

List of music

Celeste B-Sides is the official release of the soundtrack from Celeste's B-Sides and C-Sides. It is mastered by Lena Raine, and based off the A-Side music she wrote, but is otherwise remixed and performed by various other artists: Maxo, composer of Chordslayer, Ben Prunty, composer of FTL, Christa Lee, composer of Welcome to the Fantasy Zone, in love with a ghost, composer of Healing, 2 Mello, composer of Read-Only Memories, Jukio Kallio, composer of Nuclear Throne, Kuraine, composer of Singularity, and Matthewせいじ (pronounced Matthew Seiji), composer of Opus Magnum.

It is available on a variety of platforms, notably on Bandcamp (where 24-bit FLACs may be downloaded), but also on iTunes, most digital download stores and most digital streaming services.

All B-Side soundtracks are included within this album; however, Cassette Tape 8-bit remixes featured at the end of every B-Side is instead included in the Madeline's Grab Bag album, which is offered for free on Bandcamp. The A-Sides have their soundtrack in the Celeste OST album, whilst Farewell's soundtrack is included in a different album, Celeste: Farewell OST. In addition to the B-Sides soundtrack, a development version of Forsaken City's soundtrack is included as "Area 1 Demo".

Track listing[edit | edit source]

First Steps (Sever the Skyline Mix)[edit | edit source]

Resurrections (Black Moonrise Mix)[edit | edit source]

Celestial Resort (Good Karma Mix)[edit | edit source]

Golden Ridge (Golden Feather Mix)[edit | edit source]

Mirror Temple (Mirror Magic Mix)[edit | edit source]

Reflection (Center of the Earth Mix)[edit | edit source]

Summit (No More Running Mix)[edit | edit source]

The Core (Say Goodbye Mix)[edit | edit source]

(Bonus) Area 1 Demo[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Despite "Area 1 Demo" being the prototype version of First Steps, it's listed under the B-Sides soundtrack for odd reasons.
  • The text for Matthewせいじ is pre-rendered as a PNG file instead of loaded using a font. This is because Celeste does not render Japanese fonts whilst playing in languages other than Japanese, Chinese and Korean.
    • This also explains why the entire string of text is rendered in a different font (instead of solely the Japanese hiragana).