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Badeline as depicted in the credits

Other names Part of You
Part of Me
Goth (by Theo)
Age between 20 and 30
Gender Female (trans)
Pronouns she/her
Status Alive (as a part of Madeline)

List of characters

Badeline is a major character and antagonist-turned-deuteragonist in Celeste. Known in-game as Part of (Madeline) or variations thereof, she haunts Madeline on several occasions, attempting to convince her to turn back and stop climbing the mountain. Following the events of Reflection, she starts helping Madeline through her journeys.

Outside of Celeste, she and Madeline make an appearance in the Nintendo Switch version of TowerFall , an earlier game by Maddy Thorson, as playable characters.[1] Additionally, Badeline makes an appearance on many pieces of Celeste-associated merchandise, often alongside Madeline.

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