Badeline Boss

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Badeline Boss

Found in 6A  •  6B

List of entities

The Badeline Boss is an entity used in Badeline bossfights in the Rock Bottom checkpoint of Reflection A-Side and the Rock Bottom and Reprieve checkpoints of Reflection B-Side. This is Badeline in her boss form. In this form, Badeline's hair expands significantly, making her appear larger but also making it easier for Madeline to reach her.

The Badeline Boss periodically shoots at Madeline with lethal energy balls and lasers. She flees to a specific spot or another room when hit by Madeline, causing some blocks to fall that can crush Maddy. However, in 6B, it is required to interact with them while they are falling.

Implicitly, the Badeline Boss has two phases. You enter the second phase when Badeline lashes out at Madeline in 6A or in the Reprieve checkpoint in 6B. In it, some blocks (known as Badeline Blocks) move on a set track, likely triggered by Badeline, and break when the Badeline Boss is hit. Furthermore, her attacks are more rapid and aggressive in this phase.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Internally, the sprites for Madeline hitting Badeline's boss form are referred to as Madeline hugging Badeline.