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Celeste Wiki right now
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 • Content articles: 289
 • Total pages: 2,260
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 • Edits: 7,656
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including 8 active this month
and 8 administrators
 Data as of 14:40, 25 May 2024 (UTC). 

Not to be confused with the Fandom Celeste Wiki or the GitHub modding wiki.

Celeste Wiki (also known by its domain name, celeste.ink) is a fan-made, open-source, free-to-edit wiki about Celeste, a platformer videogame released in 2018, as well as its spin-offs and mods.

Celeste Wiki is hosted by Miraheze. Its link is pinned in the #celeste channel of Celestecord, the primary Discord server for discussing Celeste. Founded early in 2021 by User:Celeste, its mission is to become a complete website for everything Celeste-related, vanilla and modded. The wiki has a dedicated Discord server.

As this is a wiki, anybody who thinks they can help should help! :)

Contents[edit | edit source]

Currently, Celeste Wiki has information about:

This list may be outdated.

History[edit | edit source]

Celeste Wiki's Discord server was founded on January 8, 2021, by User:XavierShvier, and the Miraheze wiki was set up shortly after by User:Celeste. In the following months, 80 articles and most templates were created. The ownership of the Discord server was also transferred to User:Celeste on April 14, 2021. On December 12, 2021, frogelines were imported on Celeste Wiki.

The wiki was hardly active in 2022. Most notably, the Maddy Thorson article was copied from Wikipedia.

In 2023, the wiki's Main Page was finally completed, and almost all articles and templates were rewritten and updated, with many new ones added as well. Efforts were made to encourage new editors to contribute to Celeste Wiki, including advertising in Celestecord, making the wiki's portal, and guides for editors. Articles about mods were created on Celeste Wiki, including Banana Mountain, Everlasting Farewell, and Mount Steep.

Reception[edit | edit source]

The celeste.ink wiki is frequently compared with the Celeste Fandom Wiki, with the latter usually criticized[1]. celeste.ink is mentioned as having better and more up-to-date content than the Fandom Wiki. However, the celeste.ink wiki is also blamed for having wrong mechanic names, no explanations or mentions for some of the more unpopular tech, and being overall incomplete.

Lena Raine has granted permission to use the game's soundtrack on Celeste Wiki. Its link is pinned in Celestecord from November 24, 2021[2].

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