Banana Mountain

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Banana Mountain
Creator Banana 23
Type Campaign
Soundtrack Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest:
10  •   Forest Interlude (Chapter 1)
17  •   Stickerbush Symphony (Chapter 2)
25  •   In a Snow-Bound Land (Chapter 3)
Link GameBanana

Banana Mountain is a Celeste mod, released in July of 2023, that consists of about 100 rooms across 3 Beginner-difficulty maps, named "Riverside Road," "Crumbling Cliffside," and "Starlight Summit" respectively. It features Madeline attempting to climb Banana Mountain and meeting a fellow climber Theory (not to be confused with Theo) on the way. Each chapter has ten red strawberries and one golden berry. Additionally, upon completing any chapter, four screenshots of this chapter are shown on the journal page.

Plot[edit | edit source]

Chapters 1 and 2[edit | edit source]

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The first chapter's screenshots, shown after completing said chapter.

If Madeline chooses to go left at the start of the first chapter, beyond the intro car and the strawberry, she can meet Theory, whose full name is Theodoreian II. She remarks "You look exactly like a guy I know", referring to Theo. Theory proceeds to say that he has heard that a lot and asks Maddy about where she plans to hike. She, of course, responds that she's heading for the summit and encourages Theory to climb there too. He then asks Madeline whether she had climbed before, to which she replies that she did that for a couple of years. They then conclude the conversation, hoping to see each other again at the cliffside (being the second chapter).

The second chapter's screenshots

As promised, Madeline finds Theory, who is setting up camp, at the cliffside. He remarks about the "killer" view up on the cliffside, and Madeline tells him that she's going to the summit this night, to which Theory acknowledges that it is indeed hardcore. Madeline mentions that she has climbed 10-15 mountains, with Celeste Mountain being the first one she ascended. Theory remembers hearing about it: some city was involved in a government cover-up thing, along with wicked ruins and temples on the mountain. He expresses his interest in checking it out "for the fun of it" one day. This surprises Madeline, and she tells Theory that she and her friend will be able to climb it with him. He then adds Madeline to his contacts and assures her that he'll contact her if he ever plans to travel to Canada to climb Mount Celeste.

Additionally, Theory tells Maddy his decision to accept Madeline's offer to climb to the summit. This comes as a surprise to Madeline once again, and Theory proceeds to reassure her, saying that he's not tired and has about three days of extra food. Madeline ends up being worried about Theory, but he calms her down.

“Don't worry, I plan on freely exercising my right to not get hurt.”

~ Theory

He also mentions knowing alternate trails up to the summit from reading Wikipedia pages and random sites, unlike Madeline, who only knows the main path.

Chapter 3[edit | edit source]

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The third chapter's screenshots

In the third chapter, a blizzard starts, and Madeline seeks shelter in a cave filled with glowing blue and yellow crystals. Theory, who has set up camp, can be found there. Madeline is stunned by their encounter and asks Theory if he's alright. Theory explains that he's fine and found the cave when the blizzard started. He spent a few hours exploring and admiring the cave until he realized that the blizzard had worsened, after which he decided to wait it out. Theory was aware of the blizzard as his sister, who's a meteorologist, was staying at a nearby hotel. Since he brought a strong radio, he decided to ask his sister about the weather up on the summit after passing the cliffside.

After the story with the blizzard, Theory shares with Madeline that his parents often tell him that he's both overcautious and reckless, and guesses that it's just how all people are. The two then talk about the crystals in the cave, which Theory read about on an internet forum. It stated that the air pressure is responsible for the crystal's formation, however, Theory disagrees, as he's "90% sure that's not how crystals are formed at all".

Afterwards, Theory reveals that he's not climbing the mountain just for fun. He expresses his dissatisfaction with life and how it no longer brings him the same joy as it used to. Moreover, he expresses his uncertainty on whether he can complain about this, as hundreds of people would love to have the life he lives. Madeline then says that she climbed Celeste Mountain for a similar reason, hoping it would somehow make everything easier. Theory calms her down, assuring her that she is not alone in thinking that climbing a rock could make things better.

Subsequently, Theory questions Madeline about her experience climbing Celeste Mountain; Maddy responds that it was overall good. Theory continues to enthusiastically share his impressions of this mountain. He feels energized just by standing in this cave and didn't even think about his problems the whole day. Madeline proceeds to state that her experience was different, but she's glad that Theory enjoys climbing this much.

Madeline then states her intent to not wait for the blizzard in the cave and promises Theory that she will be okay. She also proposes Theory to descend Banana Mountain together, but he rejects – he's planning on going down as soon as the blizzard stops as he is worried about his sister. They make a deal to see each other later and Madeline proceeds towards the summit.

Ultimately, Madeline reaches the apex. There, Maddy comments to herself about how pretty the moon is tonight and how she feels accomplished to have made it to the top.

“I'm glad I get to be here tonight... and just, take it all in.”

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

Banana Mountain consists of three chapters (enumerated 1 through 3), each one with three checkpoints. Every chapter has ten red berries and one golden berry, unlocked after completing the chapter normally. No advanced techniques are required except dream jumps, which are taught and used in the final chapter. The chapters are linear with most strawberries located on the main path. Skull Binoculars allow to preview some of the longer rooms.

Riverside Road[edit | edit source]

The first subchapter of Riverside Road uses only a few mechanics. Those include toxic water (which kills Madeline instantly upon contact), spinners (crystals), and moving blocks, some of which have spikes on their sides. The second subchapter adds springs. Careful dashing is required to traverse it.

The third subchapter, Dawn's Trek, features a broken bridge which Madeline must traverse, expanding on the idea of Prologue. Moving platforms are introduced and frequently used, and toxic water is seen across all rooms. Spikes are used more frequently. After the bridge ends, a Badeline orb can be found, marking the end of the chapter.

Crumbling Cliffside[edit | edit source]

Typical screen of Dusk's Climb

The starting subchapter of Crumbling Cliffside introduces disappearing blocks (which can also be flipped on their side, requiring a grab to make them crumble). Spikes are used as obstacles, replacing spinners. Later on, players encounter falling blocks, typically brown and snowy. This subchapter is rather short.

The next subchapter, named The Cliffside's Thicket, returns spinners as the main obstacle, introduces green bubbles, and adds the falling of yellow autumn leaves in the background. Crumbling and falling blocks are used liberally, and moving blocks make a reappearance as well.

As the night falls, the third and last subchapter, Dusk's Climb, begins. Most objects in it appear black, but this should not pose too much of a problem, as spikes, bubbles and dash refills remain visually distinguishable. In addition, Madeline's hair, strawberries, and snow on falling blocks retain color. As the case was with Riverside Road, a Badeline orb (which looks black but emits purple particles) signifies the end of this chapter.

Starlight Summit[edit | edit source]

This chapter is loosely themed after Farewell. It also features starjump blocks and plaftorms as a decoration, which make a remarkably unique sound when stepped on. The second room introduces the first non-vanilla gameplay mechanic used in the mod: dream crystals. These crystals instantly kill Madeline upon contact if she isn't dashing into them, otherwise, they behave like regular Dream Blocks. This is also where dream jumps are taught. Clouds are used extensively as well.

After a few puzzling rooms, double dash crystals are introduced and utilized. They mostly replace ordinary dash refills from now on. The levels mainly comprise these three mechanics (dream crystals, clouds, and double dash refills), along with numerous slightly reskinned spinners. The subchapter concludes with the player ascending on three clouds and a Badeline orb.

The second subchapter, Of Flowers and Snow, resembles the style of the previous one, but adds mechanics such as feathers, moving blocks, green bubbles, and much more. The blizzard starts sometime after, and the headwind starts slowing Madeline down. Gradually, the wind intensifies. In the same room as the cave is a Badeline orb that Madeline can use to progress.

After a brief room with a spring, the third subchapter, "Twilight's Ascension" greets us with ten summit flags. While springs are prevalent, other mechanics are still present. Flags 2 and 1 resemble those from The Summit but are longer and more challenging. After completing all ten flags, Madeline finally reaches the peak, marked by a blue flag. Here, she sits down, and the chapter concludes.