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Dream tech is various tech, ranging from basic to highly advanced, used in combination with dream blocks. They generally abuse Celeste's lenient frame window and coyote frames. These are especially useful for speedrunning, but some, such as dream jumps and grabs, are required for completing Old Site's B-Side[1] and C-Side, The Summit B-Side, Core's alternate sides, and Farewell.

Dream Grabs[edit | edit source]

When leaving a dream block, it's possible to hold the opposite direction key to grab the side of this Dream Block. The input can be buffered before leaving the block.

Dream Jumps[edit | edit source]

By inputting jump a bit before exiting a dream block, you can do a Dream Jump. It gives you much more horizontal momentum than if you were to exit a dream block normally, as well as some upwards height. This tech is required in 2B, 2C, 7B, and Farewell.

Dream Double Jump[edit | edit source]

Doing two jumps in quick succession allows the player to do a Dream Double Jump, which is similar to a regular jump. Still, the momentum from both jumps stack as normally Dream Jumps have a fairly large frame window, including buffer frames and coyote time.

To perform the trick, press jump right before leaving, then jump again after leaving the dream block. The first input is buffered, while the second one is done from coyote frames.

Dream Hypers[edit | edit source]

Dream Supers[edit | edit source]

Dream corner clips[edit | edit source]

Due to the dream blocks having a specific and generous hitbox, it's possible to squeeze through 1-tile-wide walls by dashing into a part of the dream block that takes Madeline into a corner between one and another block, surrounded by solid walls. This tech can be done in a few spots, most notably Old Site B-Side where it's used as a speedrun route.

  1. It is possible to complete 2B with no dream tech, but it is far harder this way.