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Superdashes are a technique that allows the player to do a jump paired with dash momentum. It's useful for crossing certain obstacles and for speedrunning, however it's not used in the base game apart from a variant in Farewell that uses Pufferfish as a setup. It can be done by dashing, and jumping right after, allowing the player to jump faster and further.

Functionality[edit | edit source]

Superdashes can be done by pressing Dash, and then Jumping off the ground during the dash.

Of the techs, Superdashes are among the easiest to learn and perform. They launch the player at a relatively shorter and higher trajectory than other techs, leading to some specific uses when other techs don't give enough height.

Superdashes launch Madeline with 260 speed.

Other variants[edit | edit source]

Reverse Superdash[edit | edit source]

If a player does a Superdash, and holds the opposite direction between dashing and jumping, you'll be able to jump backwards with the dash momentum.

Extended Superdashes[edit | edit source]

If the player slides on the ground for a short time, they can regain a dash while also being able to get the Superdash momentum. It's useful as an alternative for Wavedashes or Extended Hypers. The reversed variant is useful when the player is close to a wall, with a notable example being the Search Skip in 5A.

Dream Superdashes[edit | edit source]

Although normally not very useful, the player is capable of doing a Superdash off of a dream block, due to the coyote time that the game gives the player after leaving a block. This, however, uses up a dash, making it obsolete due to normal Dream Jumps giving the exact same amount of speed, while also keeping the player's dash.

Bubble Superdashes[edit | edit source]

If a bubble is within the reach of a floor, the player can use the bubble to set up a Superdash. Unlike a regular Superdash, the player only needs to press the jump button, and their dash will be kept no matter what.

Mid-air Superdashes[edit | edit source]

Due to the simple execution, Superdashes can be done from the air as long as there's enough floor to allow the player to perform the trick. Both the normal and extended version can be done as long as the player has enough room. Mid-air Supers can be even done off of certain entities, such as jumping off the top of a Pufferfish, Snowball, Oshiro entity and a Seeker. The Pufferfish variant is also often referred as a Fish Super.