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Dash Refills

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Dash refills are an entity that allows Madeline to recharge her dash midair. They are also known as diamonds and crystals, owing to their diamond-like shape. They're introduced in Forsaken City, and they can be found throughout the entire game. In both The Summit and Core, unlike other chapters, the green refill brings back both dashes instead of one; this is because these crystals refill Madeline's dash count to her maximum. If collected, they will appear transparent and unusable for 2.5 seconds, except for some rooms in Farewell, where certain refills are single-use only.

Double dash refill[edit | edit source]

Double dash refills are a special variant that's exclusive to Farewell. They give Madeline a temporary double dash that can be used to pass through greater obstacles; unlike normal dash crystals, these set Madeline's number of dashes to 2. It appears as two smaller, connected pink crystals. Similarly to normal refills, they respawn after 2.5 seconds after collection.

Even though double dash refills in base-game Celeste are limited to Farewell, they are used extensively in most mods alongside dash refills.

Single-use refills[edit | edit source]

In Farewell, but also in many mods, refills are single-use. These refills, which can be either the regular "green" crystal or the double-dash "pink" crystal, do not respawn and do not leave an outline. They cannot be distinguished visually from regular, respawning refills unless mods such as Better Refill Gems (link) are used. When the Better Refill Gems mod is used, single-use refills will have a red outline denoting them.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • In Celeste Classic, the double dash hair color is originally green due to the strict color limits.
    • The hair color in beta builds of Celeste used to be green as well, but it was changed to pink as it fits Madeline's appearance better.
  • Before the release, the pink refill was unused and its placeholder sprite was just a pink recolor of the regular refill.
  • Mods such as More Dasheline introduce dash refills that can work up to 5 times (instead of just 2).