Golden Strawberries

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Golden Strawberry

Other names Goldberry
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Golden Strawberries are special berries, tinted gold in color and with a crown on top, unlocked upon completing Core B-Side. After being unlocked, they appear at the start of every chapter, except for 6A, 8 (all sides), and 9[1]. They are collected only at the last screens of the chapter in A-Sides, and upon collecting a heart in B-Sides and C-Sides.

Upon picking one up, the player must finish the entire chapter without dying to collect it. Dying at any point within the chapter will result in both the loss of the berry and the player being teleported back to the room where they first obtained it.

Golden Strawberries are meant to be some of the most difficult challenges in Celeste. Upon the collection of a golden strawberry, the level select gains a golden tint (for its specific side). Obtaining all 202 strawberries will give the entire save file (in the save select menu) a gold-tinted background.

The easiest golden strawberry is generally accepted to be the one in Forsaken City A-Side. This is followed by Old Site A-Side, as well as the C-Sides, owing to their short length. The B-Sides are generally the hardest because they bring both length and difficulty. Farewell is by far the hardest in vanilla game.

Unlike practicing for speedruns, obtaining a Golden Strawberry is all about consistency and being able to make it across a large number of rooms without dying once. Celestecord has some advice for collecting them. However, doing as such usually will not yield it on the first attempt; keep trying, practice makes perfect.

A winged golden strawberry exists in Celeste; however, it is unrelated to the other Golden Strawberries. This winged golden strawberry, instead of requiring completing a level without dying, requires completing Forsaken City A-Side without dashing at all[2].

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Prior to the addition of Farewell, there were 200 strawberries in total.
  • On Neoseeker Celeste Wiki, a cautionary note exists warning the players about the "statistical impossibility" of collecting all 25 golden berries[3]. It has become a meme in the Celeste community and is frequently referenced to this day.

References[edit | edit source]

  1. In each of these chapters, the golden strawberry appears at the start of the second checkpoint (in 8C, the second room).
  2. You are allowed to dash by accident so long as you die before collecting a Red Strawberry or advance to the next room
  3. It was written on February 22, 2018, before the addition of Farewell, so it excludes the Farewell Golden Berry. Imagine how this "cautionary note" would look if it had existed then!