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Mods, in Celeste, are modular game add-ons made by players that replace vanilla or implement new content. They are installed through the Everest mod loader, which can itself be installed via Olympus, the Everest installer and mod manager. You can find installation instructions on the Everest website. Mods are hosted on GameBanana. There are over 3000 mods in existence.

The main screen of Olympus

Celeste mods are divided into many sections. The most popular section is Maps; these mods predominantly introduce new playable content to the game. They can be a stand-alone map (Everlasting Farewell), a remix of Celeste's campaign (Celeste D-Sides (Monika)), or a collab (Spring Collab). Other sections include helpers for mods that add new entities, and skins otherwise known as skin mods, for mods that replace visuals of Madeline or other characters and objects.

Other popular mods include CelesteNet, a mod that introduces multiplayer, and Randomizer, which lets you play auto-generated levels.

Modding as a whole is heavily discussed on Celestecord. Several channels are dedicated to modding there. Moreover, several channels and threads are available for individual mods.

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