Everlasting Farewell

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Everlasting Farewell

Creator LumaCeleste
Level 9BB
Strawberries 5
Difficulty Advanced-Expert
Soundtrack 01  •   The Empty Space Above
02  •   Fear of the Unknown
03  •   Joy of Remembrance
04  •   In Stasis
06  •   Beyond the Heart
07  •   Final Defiance
08  •   Beyond the Heart (Broken Hearts Mix)
Remixed by Lena Raine
09  •   Unnamed Joy of Remembrance remix
Remixed by WolfWinterMusic
10  •   Farewell (Akosmo Remix)
Remixed by Akosmo

Everlasting Farewell, also known as the Farewell BB-Side, is an Advanced-Expert Farewell map made by LumaCeleste. It features a "mini story", a few remixes of the Farewell OST made by various artists, custom sprites and backgrounds presumably made by Luma themself, and also takes inspiration from a few maps such as Final Goodbye. Its five strawberries are all segment strawberries collectable by taking the strawberries through their respective segments without dying.

Story[edit | edit source]

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Everlasting Farewell begins with Madeline being launched into space. Badeline asks why they're up there again, to which Madeline responds that "something keeps pulling me back here", and that there's something else within her. Madeline then goes through Start, Generator, Reminiscence, and Frontier, which are similar to the Farewell subchapters Singular, Power Source, Remembered, and the wavedash showcasing part of Event Horizon respectively. At this point, Badeline questions whether Madeline is alright, warning her that the pressure here has increased since last time.

Resolve and Perseverance then play out, with these checkpoints being the equivalent of the rest of Event Horizon and Determination. Near the end of Perseverance, Badeline warns that she may not be able to keep up with Madeline much longer, believing that Madeline will keep going forward regardless of what's ahead. Madeline agrees, saying that she has to finish this through to the end. Badeline then says that she's unsure what's going to happen to her after this, and apologizes in advance.

After Perseverance, Madeline ends up in Obstinance, the Stubbornness equivalent. This segment is significantly longer and more difficult than Stubbornness itself is, and does not lead to a Reconciliation equivalent. Instead, at the end of Obstinance, Madeline encounters a large hole, which she has to jump into. Light disappears completely for a few seconds as she falls into Inner Depths, which looks more similar to Core than to Farewell. After this, Madeline encounters a grey fake heart dubbed "Unified Space", which causes her to realize that she still has to face what remains in her, meaning she has to keep going.

Madeline goes into an area reminiscent of the Core's space section, with its low gravity and vertical wraparound (the latter of which only appears in the first screen). She proclaims that she's tired of running from all of this, and needs to let go. She then finds Badeline, which leads to a boss fight which makes up the entirety of this segment's gameplay. After the boss fight ends, Badeline apologizes for the fight that just occurred, to which Madeline responds that it's not Badeline's fault, and that she had to let go of everything eventually.

Badeline then launches Madeline into the next section of the map, Clarity of the Heart. This also gives her two dashes. The setting shifts from the inside of the Core to a pink Farewell-like area featuring the unnamed Joy of Remembrance remix and a large variety of mechanics. The end of this section resembles the Summit, with a flag on the "summit" and a Badeline boost orb above it. There is also a memorial on the other side, which says:

“This memorial dedicated to the endless goodbyes that start new beginnings”

The Badeline boost leads to a small room with a power box and some electricity, which doesn't play music until the box is broken. Madeline's double dash is removed here. Upon breaking the box, a remix of Farewell (the song) begins to play, and the last section of Everlasting Farewell, appropiately named "Final Resolution", is reached. This section is similar to Reconciliation, although significantly faster-paced. The Bird appears to fling Madeline multiple times in this checkpoint, despite not appearing at all in the rest of the map. It also flies through electricity. Before the final room of the map, Badeline appears again, asking if Madeline's sure she's ready for what's next. Madeline says yes.

“Let's get out of here, together, for one last time.”

The final room of the map is long and difficult. Its jellyfish upwind section is much shorter, though upwind reappears soon after leading to a falling section. Instead of there being a path near the box leading directly to the end, there's a moonberry path-like section after breaking the box. At the end of it, the "Unified Space" crystal heart appears again, being the actual end of the map this time.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

Start through Obstinance[edit | edit source]

The first half of the map plays out similarly to Farewell, with a few exceptions such as the absence of a fake heart at the end of Reminiscence (Remembered), Frontier (the In Stasis segment of Resolve (Event Horizon)) not showcasing any techniques, Resolve itself introducing wind triggers signaled by a custom arrow decal, and Obstinance (Stubbornness) being significantly longer and more difficult in comparison to the other checkpoints than Stubbornness is in comparison to Farewell's other checkpoints.

Inner Depths[edit | edit source]

This is the first checkpoint that does not have an equivalent in Farewell, instead resembling the Core in appearance as well as having Core's method of replenishing dashes. It ends in a large room featuring lots of falling blocks that all fall down to create a floor that Madeline must navigate near the end of the room, leading to the fake crystal heart of Everlasting Farewell.

Letting Go[edit | edit source]

This checkpoint features a Badeline fight in an area similar to the innermost part of the Core. The Broken Hearts mix of Beyond the Heart plays during most of this checkpoint. While that inner Core's low gravity is included, the vertical wraparound is not. It ends in a room featuring multiple offscreen Badeline bosses with the "main" Badeline boss being capable of being hit more times than usual, which leads to a hallway where Badeline launches you into the next checkpoint, Clarity of the Heart.

Clarity of the Heart[edit | edit source]

This checkpoint gives Madeline two dashes for its entirety and features a bright pink background and a general appearance resembling the "Parting" section of Final Goodbye. It is also where the unnamed Joy of Remembrance remix plays. It ends in a room reminiscent of the Summit's final flag, with a memorial added on the other side of the "Summit" and a Badeline boost above the Summit leading to Final Resolution.

Final Resolution[edit | edit source]

Unlike the rest of this map's equivalents to existing parts of Farewell, Final Resolution significantly differs from Reconciliation in several ways, such as having many spawnpoints in mid-air, having Akosmo's remix of Farewell play through the checkpoint, and generally being faster-paced than Reconciliation.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Everlasting Farewell was started on August 27, 2022 as a "very vanilla Farewell map (and also [Luma]'s excuse to make 9B with [their] modern mapping skillset)" which turned into something more.
  • In Final Resolution and Everlasting Farewell's final room, the Bird will fly through lightning and be completely unharmed.