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Other names Binos
Found in 1B  •  2A  •  2B
4A  •  4B  •  5A
5B  •  6A  •  6B
7A  •  7B  •  9
3B (Beta only)
All С-Sides

List of entities

Binoculars (also known as Binos or Watchtowers) are utility entities featured in Celeste. They allow the player to see the whole room, essentially serving as a telescope. They are present in many stages and every single C-Side (notably their final rooms). They're first introduced in Old Site or in the B-Side of Forsaken City, depending on the route the player takes.

There's also a unique type of binoculars close to flag 4 of Summit A-Side, which moves the screen through a specific track (from flag 4 to Celeste Mountain's peak). Moreover, in the final room of Farewell, binoculars show only the first part of the room (until the upwards section) and the last part with the endmost Lightning Breaker Box.

Usefulness[edit | edit source]

The main game usually allows the player to use binoculars in rooms that are long and hard, or aren't sight-readable and require the player to figure out puzzles or a game mechanic. They become more apparent in longer and more difficult chapters, where the solution may not be easy to figure out. A binocular also allows the player to locate the berry in the mirror room of Old Site A-Side (where Badeline shatters the mirror).

Mods use binoculars extensively for a variety of reasons.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Due to the way hazards (spinners, electricity, etc.) load in the game, it's possible to move the screen far away from the screen, allowing the player to dash through them without getting hurt, as Madeline's hitboxes will be unloaded.
    • A good way to exploit this mechanic is to move the camera to the far right of the Event Horizon Kevin room, and then quickly leave the watchtower and dash as soon as possible. If done quickly enough, Madeline will dash through the spiked wall without getting hurt.
  • In the 1.3.3.x beta phase, Maddy Thorson added two extra watchtowers to 3B, one being a secret to the left of the very first room.
    • This change was mainly done as an Easter egg, but also because Maddy is a fan of Celeste Bingo, a game that focuses on fulfilling tasks in a specific order to win the round. 3B had no watchtowers before the beta update.