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This page contains information on all Easter eggs and references within Celeste. If you found any not mentioned here, please let us know, and feel free to add them using the EDIT button.

Reference to Super Mario Bros. 3.[edit | edit source]

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A white block can be found at the bottom of the Crystal Heart room in Golden Ridge A-Side that looks identical to that found in World 1-3 of Super Mario Bros. 3. In Mario, holding 'down' on that block for a while will drop you through it and into the background of the level.

Similarly, crouching on the white block in Celeste will drop you through it, allowing Madeline to hop on the background art as if it were solid to climb up and reach the Crystal Heart. This effect is disabled when you leave the room or grab the Crystal Heart.

Intro car[edit | edit source]

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An intro car

A car, presumably belonging to Madeline, can be found to the left of the starting screen in Prologue or Core A-Side. It is also located in Farewell.

Secret room in 6A[edit | edit source]

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A reference room in Reflection

In Reflection A-Side, at the very start of the Reflection checkpoint, after the cutscene with Granny, you can take the path upwards. By traversing the tricky room there, requiring wallbounces and dash techniques (and the game hasn't taught either), you can find the secret room with characters from various platformer games.