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Kevin Block

Other names Crush Block
Found in 6  •  8B  •  8C  •  9

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  For the titular person who voiced this block, see Kevin Regamey.

Kevin Blocks (internally Crush Blocks) are an entity in Celeste. The block appears as a brown block with a face on it and either two or four blue patterned sides. When Madeline dashes into one of the blue sides, they will bounce up and the Kevin Block will begin moving in the direction it was struck from, while making a growling noise. The block will continue moving until either it hits an obstacle, Madeline dashes into another of its blue sides, or it is scripted to stop. The block will then reverse direction and retrace its path to its original position.

Easter egg[edit | edit source]

If Madeline is named Fwahaha, Kevin blocks will instead make a laughing sound while moving. This laugh was produced by speedrunner Covert_Muffin, who had gained notoriety for said laugh while doing couch commentary for a Celeste TAS at SGDQ2018. The sound was added to the game for the performance of a different TAS at SGDQ2019, and has remained in the game since.

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