Kevin Regamey

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  For the block entity, see Kevin.

Kevin Regamey
Kevin Regamey
Nationality Canadian
Education Music Composition
Audio Engineering
Alma mater Grant Macewan College
Pacific Audio Visual Institute
Occupation Audio engineer
Employer Power Up Audio
Known for Celeste, Towerfall, Super Meat Boy Forever, etc.

Kevin Regamey, sometimes known as otdq online, is a Vancouver-based sound engineer, whom, alongside Jeff Tangsoc, founded Power Up Audio. Initially starting with little recognition, he was noticed by Noel Berry in 2012 at a game jam. Gaining success through Towerfall (with what would later become Extremely OK Games), and Darkest Dungeon (with Red Hook Studios), Celeste became another huge breakthrough for him an his team.

Regamey's current position is "Creative Director" at his studio. He is also a seasoned speedrunner, having second place in Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons,[1] and a time of 2:19 on Celeste Classic.