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A save file using Cheat Mode

Cheat Mode is a hidden feature in Celeste. Activating Cheat Mode unlocks all chapters with B and C-Sides included, all Crystal Heart Gates without the need of collecting the Crystal Hearts, as well as features like Variant Mode, Golden Strawberries and Pico-8. However, Strawberries, Cassettes or Crystal Hearts still need to be collected. Cheat Mode is useful for speedrunners and players who need to practice a specific chapter on a separate save. It is to note that unlocking Cheat Mode on a given save file adds a permanent "Cheat Mode" banner on the file select menu. Cheat mode is permanent, once toggled, and cannot be disabled.

Unlock Method[edit | edit source]

During the prologue immediately head left to the screen with the intro car, and perform the following specific inputs. Cheat mode will become enabled, a sound effect similar to the feather's will play, and you will be taken back to the map. There is no time limit to do the inputs.

Alternatively if you have modified your save to enable debug mode. You can open the console by pressing ~ and type "cheat" and instantly unlock it.

  • Keyboard: Left, Right, Tab, Z, Up, Up, Down, Left, Z, C
  • Controller: Left, Right, LT, RT, Up, Up, Down, Left, RT, A
  • Custom controls: Left, Right, Journal, Grab, Up, Up, Down, Left, Grab, Jump

Use in speedrunning and modding[edit | edit source]

Cheat Mode is required for categories such as: all B-Sides, all C-Sides or specific individual levels. Since normally getting there would require beating multiple chapters, and since Assist Mode, Variant Mode, or even Debug Mode are not allowed for most categories, Cheat Mode provides an easy way to skip ahead to the chapters which need to be played.

Modders also use Cheat Mode frequently, as it allows them to skip to a specific chapter without the need of completing every level. Assist Mode can achieve the same thing, but takes longer. Golden Strawberry hunters tend to use it in modded maps in order to have them unlocked without having to recomplete the map on a separate save file.