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Celeste features several game modes, which can alter its gameplay in various ways. They include Assist Mode, Variant Mode, Cheat Mode, and Debug Mode.

Assist Mode[edit | edit source]

Assist Mode icon

Assist Mode can be toggled on and off anytime from the save selection screen. It enables options that make completing the game easier, such as lowering the game speed, granting more dashes or invincibility. Chapters can also be skipped with Assist Mode.

Variant Mode[edit | edit source]

Variant Mode icon

Variant Mode is unlocked upon completing Core C-Side. It extends Assist Mode, allowing players to make the game more challenging or different. For example, you can increase the game speed up to 160%, make Madeline invisible, or disable grabbing.

Cheat Mode[edit | edit source]

Cheat Mode can be unlocked by performing a series of inputs at the left screen of Prologue. Upon activation, it instantly unlocks all chapters with their alternate sides, and a few more features. It is to note that Cheat Mode can not be turned off without changing the game files.

Debug Mode[edit | edit source]

Debug Mode unlocks a lot of unusual features, such as the debug console, the debug map, and an extra savefile. It can only be accessed by modifying the game files or via mods, and, unlike all other modes, is not tied to a particular save.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

There are two unused game modes: Event Mode and Demo Mode. The former was presumably used at various game events, and the latter suggests that there was an idea of making a demo version playable before buying the game.