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Golden Ridge A-Side features 29 red strawberries and a golden strawberry. Additionally, one Crystal Heart and one Cassette Tape can be found. This page is a guide on how to obtain all the collectibles hidden within.

Crystal Heart[edit | edit source]

Golden Ridge's Crystal Heart is hidden in the second checkpoint, Shrine. In a room hidden via an underwater passage in the room where the light shines through, after the "hub" room, is a strawberry. The Crystal Heart can be found one more room to the right, by breaking a smashable wall. You can climb up a set of blocks in order to be able to find where the crystal heart is, but you won't be able to collect it, because you'll be out of reach. At the bottom of the room is a white block, one which may look suspicious since it is the only one in the whole game.

Solution (spoilers!)

The white block is in fact a reference to Super Mario Bros. 3, level 1-3. In this level, you are able to crouch on the white block for five (5) seconds in order to fall "behind" the map. Running to the right and completing the level (without doing so in a way that would transport you to the foreground again) will result in you finding a secret Toad House, where you can find a Warp Whistle, which allows you to warp to later worlds. Two warp whistles are used in any% speedruns in Super Mario Bros. 3.

Crouch down on the white block (in Celeste) for five (5) seconds, and Madeline will fall to the background. If you felt that the background tiles shown in the room seems suspicious, it's because you can now climb on those background tiles and make it back up. You'll end up much closer to the crystal heart, and will now be able to collect it.

Cassette Tape[edit | edit source]

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