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Journal as shown in the chapter select screen

The Journal tracks the player's progress such as completed chapters, collected strawberries and crystal hearts, and so on. It is accessible from the chapter selection screen.

Contents[edit | edit source]

The fourth page of the journal, depicting crystal hearts

The cover contains Madeline's name as set by the player.

The first page, named "Progress", contains progress for every unlocked chapter except Prologue and Epilogue. From left to right, the following information can be found:

  • A green flag (or a bird for Farewell) indicates that the chapter has been completed, and a yellow flag indicates that the chapter has been cleared.
  • A cassette, which means that a Cassette Tape for this chapter has been collected.
  • Collected Crystal Hearts.
  • Collected strawberries and the total number of strawberries in this level. The total number only appears if the chapter has been completed.
  • Number of deaths taken in this chapter's A-Side (indicated by the white skull), B-Side (indicated by the red skull)[1] and C-Side (indicated by the yellow skull)[2].
  • Total time spent in this chapter (cumulative across all sides)[3].

Additionally, the total numbers of strawberries collected, deaths taken, and time spent can be found in the "TOTALS" section.

The second page, named "Records: Speedruns", logs the times of the fastest completions of A-, B- and C-Sides of each chapter, as well as the fastest full clear time[4]. The "TOTALS" row displays the sum of the times for each category and only appears when all eight chapters are completed.

Farewell is listed separately, under the "TOTALS" row. When all entries for all chapters are filled in, the "GRAND TOTAL" row will appear. This row displays the sums of all the totals, plus Farewell.

The third page, named "Records: Fewest deaths", similarly to the previous page, contains the fewest number of deaths this chapter's side was completed in[5]. Unlike the "Records: Speedruns" page, it does not show information about the full clears.

The fourth page, named "Crystal hearts", shows all blue and red crystal hearts collected by the player, along with their names. This is the only interactable page: the crystal hearts can be rearranged in any order. This is purely cosmetic.

The fifth page shows the number of global (by all players) deaths, dashes, collected strawberries, and golden berries, as well as PICO-8 deaths, completions, and collected strawberries. It does not appear on some platforms.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  1. Information about B-Sides will be displayed if at least one Cassette Tape is found.
  2. Information about C-Sides will be displayed if C-Sides are unlocked.
  3. The values in the "TOTALS" section on the first page for total time and total deaths may be larger than the sum of those for all chapters listed in the Journal. This is due to it counting time and deaths in Prologue to be consistent with the speedrun timer.
  4. If the entry is marked with a gray dot, it means that the chapter was not fully completed in one go (i.e., was restarted from the checkpoint), which is the common case for Farewell since it requires 15 crystal hearts right after the Event Horizon checkpoint.
  5. If the side's golden berry is collected, the number of deaths is set to 0 even if Madeline died before or after collecting it.