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Celeste features many optional collectable items to give the player an additional challenge.

Berries[edit | edit source]

Red Strawberries[edit | edit source]

Red Strawberries, also known as Red Berries, are the main collectable of Celeste, and are found in every A-Side other than Reflection and Farewell. They serve no gameplay purpose other than as an optional challenge for the player, though they are required for some achievements and change both the pie and the characters reactions to it at the end of the Epilogue.

Strawberry Seeds[edit | edit source]

Strawberry Seeds are sometimes required to be collected for a Red Strawberry to spawn. They add a additional challenge, if you touch the ground at any time before collecting all the seeds the ones you have collected so far will disappear and you will need to start over. The total number of strawberries seeds you need to collect will differ depending on the specific berry.

Winged Red Strawberries[edit | edit source]

Winged Red Strawberries, are a variant of Red Strawberries. Dashing in a room containing a winged Strawberry will cause it to fly away off screen, phasing past any objects on its way. only returning once you leave the room or die. This forces the player to reach it without dashing. Sometimes a Winged Red Berry will be obscured by a wall requiring the player to dash so it can fly upward and be collected.

Golden Strawberries[edit | edit source]

Golden Strawberries are unlocked after beating Core B-Side, and appear at the start of every chapter the player has already beaten. Upon picking one up, the player is expected to finish the entire chapter without dying in order to collect it, as a death will result in both the loss of the berry and the player being teleported back to the room where they first obtained it.

Winged Golden Berry[edit | edit source]

The Winged Golden Berry is a collectable exclusive to Forsaken City A-Side, and can only be obtained by beating the level without dashing, as opposed to normal Golden Berries where the challenge is found in not dying. If the player does dash and then moves through a screen transition without dying, the winged berry will disappear and the player will have to restart the chapter to attempt it again. Upon completing Forsaken City A-Side without dashing, the player will find the Winged Golden floating in mid air, and can be obtained by dashing into it, though much like normal Winged Red Berries it will attempt to fly away.

Moon Berry[edit | edit source]

The Moon Berry is found at the very end of Farewell and to get to it the player has to break the final Breaker Box and then backtrack back through the final room, sans lightning. Doing so takes the player to a secret room, with the Moon Berry at the top. It collects identically to a normal berry, though it displays "WOW" instead of the a number, and unlocks the WOW achievement.

Crystal Hearts[edit | edit source]

Crystal Hearts are very important collectables that are required to unlock access to certain chapters. They appear in different colors, all of them corresponding to their alternate side: blue in A-Sides, red in B-Sides and gold in C-Sides.

Cassette Tapes[edit | edit source]

Main article: Cassette Tape

There is a hidden Cassette Tape in every chapter's A-side except Farewell. They can be found in special rooms that feature Cassette Blocks and a 8-bit remix of the music. Collecting a Cassette Tape will unlock that chapters B-side where you can find a red crystal heart.