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Celeste features many optional collectable items to give the player an additional challenge.

Berries[edit | edit source]

Red Strawberries[edit | edit source]

Red Strawberry

Other names Strawberry, Red Berry
Found in 1A  •  2A  •  3A  •  4A
5A  •  7A  •  8A

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Red Strawberries, also known as Red Berries, are the main collectable of Celeste. They are found in every A-Side other than Reflection and Farewell. They serve no gameplay purpose other than as an optional challenge for the player, as mentioned in the Old Site A-Side postcard. However, they are required to get some achievements and change both the pie and the characters' reactions to it at the end of the Epilogue.

1-UP[edit | edit source]

To get a 1-UP (an easter egg referencing Super Mario Bros.), you need to pick up six strawberries and collect them all at once. Before you collect all six of them, you must not touch ground tiles for more than 8 frames, requiring frequent bunnyhops and cautiousness. An achievement is associated with getting a 1-UP. Being a common misconception, collecting a 1-UP does not decrease the death count in the chapter it was collected in or anywhere else.

Strawberry Seeds[edit | edit source]

Strawberry Seed

Found in 2A  •  4A  •  5A  •  7A

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Strawberry Seeds are sometimes required to be collected for a Red Strawberry to spawn. If you touch the ground before gathering all seeds in a room, the ones collected will move to their original positions, and you will need to start over. The Red Strawberry will spawn once all Strawberry Seeds are collected.

Winged Red Strawberries[edit | edit source]

Winged Red Strawberry

Other names Winged Strawberry
Found in 1A  •  2A  •  3A
4A  •  5A  •  7A

List of entities

Winged Red Strawberries are a variant of Red Strawberries. Dashing in a room containing a winged Strawberry will cause it to fly upwards, off-screen, phasing past any objects on its way, only returning once you leave the room or die. This forces the player to reach it without dashing. A winged Strawberry can still be collected while it is flying away, which is sometimes necessary.

Golden Strawberries[edit | edit source]

Golden Strawberries are unlocked after beating Core B-Side and appear at the start of every chapter the player has already completed. Upon picking one up, the player is expected to finish the entire chapter without dying in order to collect it, as a death will result in both the loss of the berry and the player being teleported back to the room where they first obtained it.

Winged Golden Berry[edit | edit source]

The Winged Golden Berry is a collectable exclusive to Forsaken City A-Side. It can only be obtained by beating the chapter without dashing, unlike normal Golden Berries, where the challenge is not dying through the entire chapter. If the player does dash and then moves through a screen transition (or collects a red strawberry), the winged berry will disappear, making the player restart the chapter to attempt it again. Upon completing Forsaken City A-Side without dashing, the player will find the Winged Golden Berry floating mid-air. It can be obtained via dashing into it, though much like Winged Red Berries, it will attempt to fly away.

Moon Berry[edit | edit source]

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The Moon Berry is found at the very end of Farewell, and to get it, the player has to break the final Breaker Box and then go leftwards. Doing so takes the player to a secret room with the Moon Berry at the top. It collects identically to a normal berry, though it displays "WOW" instead of the number and unlocks the WOW achievement.

Crystal Hearts[edit | edit source]

Crystal Hearts are collectables required to unlock Crystal Heart Gates. They appear in different colors, all corresponding to their alternate sides: blue in A-Sides, red in B-Sides, and gold in C-Sides.

Cassette Tapes[edit | edit source]

Main article: Cassette Tape

There is a hidden Cassette Tape in every chapter's A-side except Farewell. They can be found in special rooms featuring Cassette Blocks and an 8-bit remix of the music. Collecting a Cassette Tape will unlock that chapter's B-side, where you can find a red crystal heart.

Modded Collectables[edit | edit source]

There are various custom-made collectables in mods of the game as well. Since there are a lot of these, only the most well known and important ones are listed here.

Silver Berries[edit | edit source]

A Silver Berry functions the same way that a golden berry would, except these are usually used for shorter deathless challenges. Almost all collabs such as Spring Collab 2020 and Strawberry Jam use silver berries for every non heart-side maps. Silver berries are also used for segments of a map (usually individual checkpoints) deathless, such as in SWAPSLUT where each checkpoint has a silver berry associated with it.

Platinum Berries[edit | edit source]

A Platinum Berry has the same functionality as a golden berry. It was made specifically for Final Goodbye from Monika's D-Sides due to the map being so long to where the 3-hour deathless run of the map seemed unfeasible. So the map was split into 17 separate golden berry segments, and the Platinum Berry was created as a separate downloadable mod for the entire map deathless, hence it would not be required for Max%. Other maps do also use the platinum berry, sometimes as a joke, such as Farewell+ and |...\ WaterBite /...|.

Speed Berries[edit | edit source]

A Speed Berry puts a time limit on clearing a map. After grabbing the berry, a gold, silver, and bronze timer for the berry starts. If the timer gets to above bronze time before the map is cleared, the player will die, and if they clear the map before the timer runs out, the speed berry is collected. A badge is also displayed on the map card showing their time along with the berry. This collectable is used in Spring Collab 2020 for each map in the collab.

Rainbow Berries[edit | edit source]

A rainbow berry is used in map packs or collabs and can be collected after all (or most) silver berries of a certain lobby have been collected.

Gallery[edit | edit source]