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During the final room of the Event Horizon subchapter of Farewell, a "Kevin Room" can be found a little bit leftwards from the typical route one is expected to take when in feather form. Also known as the "Nightmare Fuel Room", this room contains an ARG (alternate reality game)Wikipedia that can be solved.

How to solve[edit | edit source]

A room featuring three Kevin blocks, an audio spectrogram, and some very creepy music.

The "Kevin Room" is located leftwards of the upwards-heading portion of the feather section at the end of Event Horizon. Going left will lead to this room with two speakers, three Kevin blocks, and a computer playing back something relatively weird. Internally, this room is known as g-06.

A spectrogram of the audio playing in the Kevin room.

The spectrogram features cursive text saying "not so empty" near the bottom. This refers to the "Empty Space" crystal heart found earlier in the level.

The spectrogram scrolling on the screen shown in-game differs from the audio's actual spectrogram. A purple heart is present within, but it is unknown what this alludes to.

More hints about solving the ARG can be found earlier in the chapter. When Madeline first catches the bird, prior to when Beyond the Heart starts playing, many of the audio glitches, when read in a spectrogram, are a bunch of nonsensical letters. When stitched together, this becomes even more obvious.

Spectrogram of the glitch noises that occur after catching the Bird for the first time.

The fake heart earlier in Remembered features glitch noises. The first time the heart is collected, nothing of note is drawn using the glitch noises; however, the second time onwards, spectrometer analysis reveals several different drawings, including Celeste Mountain, Granny laughing on an intro car, TASBot, the bird[1], and a Kevin block.

The solution[edit | edit source]

Stitching all glitch_add audio files together will result in a list of names of people involved in the Celeste community. This has been confirmed to be the end by Kevin from Power Up Audio (the person behind the Kevin blocks' sound effect).

The end of the puzzle.

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  1. This might be the bird in the cheated speedrun by Phoenix4K, described in this video by Msushi.