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The Celeste Wiki community portal is where you can learn about the wiki, its projects and initiatives, and how you can help!

Current affairs[edit | edit source]

Here, you can find a list of things you can do to help Celeste Wiki. Don't feel restricted by it: this list is not exhaustive.

Categorizing[edit | edit source]

Every article and file on Celeste Wiki has to be categorized to help ease navigation.

First of all, you can browse the existing categories at Category:Contents. Then, to get started, visit Special:UncategorizedPages or Special:UncategorizedFiles. There you will find pages/files that are yet to categorize. Pick one, think about where it belongs, then at the bottom of the page, press (+) and type the name of the category to add it. Unsure? Ask a question.

Mechanics[edit | edit source]

The Mechanics page and the Category:Objects list all objects/entities/mechanics present in vanilla Celeste. It is, however, quite empty in there. You can help the wiki by adding entries there according to its talk page and writing articles about them. Check the previous entries for reference.

Main Page[edit | edit source]

This wiki's Main Page is still under construction. Check out its experimental version at User:Artubass/Main Page and give feedback on its talk page or DM me on Discord at Artubass#9248.

Editing[edit | edit source]

New to editing wikis? You may then find this guide useful. Try out the Spambox for testing. Don't be scared to ruin everything. You likely won't. And if you do, someone will revert it.

You can edit without an account, but registering has clear benefits such as being identifiable by the username instead of a bunch of numbersWikipedia, possibly with lettersWikipedia.

Community[edit | edit source]

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The founder and bureaucrat of Celeste Wiki is User:Celeste. A list of active sysops can be found here. A list of active users is at Special:ActiveUsers. Admins are perhaps elected via the Vote for sysops system.

The rules can be read here. Please follow them and make Celeste Wiki a friendly place!

Also, check out the pages related to the Celeste Wiki community.

Suggesting[edit | edit source]

We are open to suggestions about improving Celeste Wiki in any direction!

If you know how to make a particular article or category look better, simply try editing it! If it is protected, if you believe the change may be too controversial, or if you need advice, post it on this article's talk page.

For proposals about the whole wiki, publish them at the Portal's talk page or on our Discord server.