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Note: This guide assumes you want to create articles from a computer or a laptop. Mobile editor tool positions may be different.

Want to write something about the non-vanilla Celeste maps you know? Great! This is a step-by-step guide to creating an article about a custom map. It is not necessary to know anything about the MediaWiki syntax (outside of this guide, at least) to write your first article. Though, asking for help is always an option! Join our Discord server if you need anything!

Create an account (optional)[edit | edit source]

If you want to remain anonymous but also don't mind revealing your IP, you can edit without an account. Otherwise, please sign up. You can find this option at the top-right corner of your desktop. It doesn't require your email address and gives multiple benefits, one of which is being able to identify by a username instead of a few numbers.

An article's name[edit | edit source]

The visual editor. To use, click the "Create" ("Edit") in the top toolbar.

It is usually preferred to name your article after the map it describes. So, enter it in the search bar ("Search Celeste Wiki" near the top-right corner) and press Enter.

If there are no articles with that name, click on the red link near the "Create the page" text, and you can start writing!

Uploading a file[edit | edit source]

Have a screenshot or a thumbnail for the map? Cool! You can upload it to the wiki by using the Special:Upload page (also found on the left menu). Make sure to name the file intuitively (the "Destination filename" field). Other fields are optional, but it's recommended to include the name of the custom map in the summary. Don't forget to click "Upload"!

Filling the infobox[edit | edit source]

Arguments of the infobox

The holy grail of custom map articles is the Template:Infobox mod level infobox. You should include it by pressing "Insert" and choosing "Template." Then, type its name (Infobox mod level) in the dialog box, and click "Add."

You'll then see a lot of fields (also called arguments) in this box, as is in the screenshot. It may look scary, but just fill them as the descriptions suggest. Feel free to play around with different options. Don't hesitate to ask for help in our Discord server, or anywhere else, for that matter. Once you're done, click "Insert"! You'll be able to preview it shortly after.

Write explanatory sentences[edit | edit source]

Once that's out of the way, write a few sentences about this map. You can include: why the map is popular, what techniques it uses, and how else it is notable. No need to write complete in-text walkthroughs like the Fandom wiki loves to do. Make sure to check your spelling and avoid using potentially confusing abbreviations.

Submitting[edit | edit source]

Okay, you're all set! Just click the big blue "Save page" button. The summary is a good place to leave some P.S. notes about your editing skills or whatnot. When you're ready, don't hesitate to press "Submit"! After that, the page will instantly be accessible by everyone. Don't be afraid to break everything: in the unlikely event that you do, someone will fix that shortly.

Examples[edit | edit source]

Your article will also be here!