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Creator Donker19
Map pack Solaris System
Difficulty Advanced-Expert
Soundtrack 10  •   Flake
11  •   DELETE
12  •   Moth to a Flame
13  •   So Below
14  •   Niko and the World Machine
15  •   Fates (Original Mix)
16  •   Astray in Silence

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Lunaris, the Dark Side, is the second map in the Solaris System. It was released in August 2023 in the Dark Side Update and contains a lot of (more intuitive) jelly juggling, a moon-themed setting (though not like Farewell), a few secret collectibles, and a story taking place before Solaris showing how Madeline ended up in the state she's in.

Story[edit | edit source]

Warning: The story featured in Lunaris contains a suicide attempt, self-harm, and drug abuse. If you are sensitive to these topics, you may wish to not play the map or expand the sections below.

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The start of each of Lunaris' subchapters contain dialogue from Madeline which comprises the main story and relates to how the map is in the subchapter. These dialogues are placed over a background of the night sky, with the Moon waxing further each time. Start opens with Madeline thinking that her life has never been this bad before, and feeling like she should talk to someone about it. She thinks about this, and concludes that she's alone and shouldn't burden the person she wants to talk to (presumably Theo) as his life is already stressful as it is.

Later on, Madeline gets overwhelmed by confusing and contradictory feelings eating away at her brain, and ends up very tired. The associated subchapter, Confusion, introduces several confusing mechanics, most notably reverse jellyfishes.

Bound by Frost's dialogue has Madeline finding herself stuck to the floor, unable to move her body. She feels like both her mind and body are being torn apart, as if something numbing is creeping in over time. Movement on the ground in this subchapter is slightly different, though this doesn't have much impact on the gameplay. The subchapter itself takes place in an icy Mirror Temple-like structure, which, similarly to Solaris, features darker music and swaps out the jelly juggling for gameplay featuring yellow and pink bubbles and ice blocks. Spinners and clouds in this area are also a lighter purple instead of the yellow and orange seen earlier in the map.

Frozen's dialogue features Madeline unable to sleep and instead staring at the moon wondering why she should endure all this pain. The gameplay has Madeline exit the temple into a less colorful area with floatier frozen jellyfishes and more jelly juggling. The clouds and spinners are now white, and the microscopic life seen in Farewell are all frozen.

Euphoric's dialogue has the background moon now full, with Madeline commenting that "this medicine will finally be good for something". This has the implication that Madeline is overdosing in an attempt to commit suicide, though she went into a coma instead as seen in Solaris. The gameplay's visuals get progressively brighter, implying that Madeline is riding the high of overdosing for a short time, before suddenly falling into a dark black and red space. At the end of it, Badeline appears, asking if this is what Madeline wanted and saying that she ruined everything. Madeline gets aggressive, yelling at Badeline to shut up and asking her to let her die already. Afterwards, she wanders even further into this space, with the ground and red background objects disappearing, before eventually lying down and falling into a coma.

At some point afterwards, Madeline is transported to the hospital she's seen in during the ending cutscene of Solaris. While there and still in a coma, the events of Solaris occur.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

Start[edit | edit source]

Lunaris begins by reintroducing the various mechanics and techniques showcased in Solaris, now with a new look to fit the map's appearance. Zipper wavedashes, which have Madeline wavedash into a zipper while it's zipping, are introduced. The rest of the subchapter features difficult jelly juggling, which is more intuitive and less open than that of Solaris.

The Cassette Tape is located in this subchapter.

Confusion[edit | edit source]

This subchapter immediately introduces a new mechanic, reverse jellyfishes. These are orange jellies that have jellyfish-specific controls reversed (eg. getting thrown in the direction Madeline's facing away from, falling faster when up is held, etc). New zipper types are introduced as well, such as zippers that all activate at the same time and zippers that don't move back to their original position after being activated. Hyper bunnyhops are introduced and taught here. Due to all these additions, especially the reverse jellies, this subchapter's gameplay can get quite confusing.

Bound by Frost[edit | edit source]

This subchapter switches out the jelly juggling and lunar surface environment for a purple Mirror Temple-like structure with lots of bubbles and ice. Yellow bubbles start appearing, having been previously introduced in Solaris. Pink bubbles are introduced, which fly in one direction for a while before quickly reversing and launching Madeline in the other direction. Ice wallbounces with a setup from bubbles also start appearing. An ultradash-like technique which has Madeline throw a reverse jelly after hyperdashing in order to gain a forwards boost is introduced near the end of this subchapter.

Frozen[edit | edit source]

After exiting the temple, the setting becomes much darker and less colorful and the gameplay returns to difficult jelly juggling. The clouds that were orange in the first two subchapters now appear a light desaturated blue. Frozen jellies, which are turquoise-colored floatier variants of jellies that hover in the air after being thrown, are introduced here. The ice crumble blocks that started appearing in the temple continue to appear occasionally.

Euphoric[edit | edit source]

This subchapter consists of six flags, each significantly increasing in brightness and difficulty. The tiles and clouds in the background also appear bluer further into the subchapter. Flag 2 introduces a variant of ice blocks that crumble significantly faster. Flag 1, the final room, adds in a black hole in the background and contains some of the Bound by Frost mechanics. It is also significantly longer.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Donker19 has made several jokes about there being a dragon bossfight in Lunaris. While there unfortunately isn't a dragon bossfight in Lunaris, Stellaris has a secret dragon bossfight which even references the joke in the form of Jas H Dragon Form.