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Celeste 64: Fragments of the Mountain is a video game by the Celeste team, for Celeste's sixth anniversary. The game is currently available for Windows and Linux for free on itch.io, with a Mac port planned soon.

The game is a 3D platformer based on Celeste. It is open-world, with Cassette Tapes bringing you to small rooms with strawberries. There is only one level, Forsaken City, which contains 30 strawberries and no golden berry.

Story[edit | edit source]

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Madeline arrives at the Forsaken City, which is notably more detached and three-dimensional than the previous time she has been here. She meets Granny, who questions her motivations for coming here. It is revealed that Madeline is writing a book, but that is not why she is here.

By climbing up a tower, Madeline meets Theo. Theo explains that he hooked Madeline up with his sister, Alex, a while ago, so he knows Madeline's whereabouts at all times. He is doing a gallery show, themed "Humanity Amongst Urban Isolation."

“You two are so gay. I love that for you.”

~ Theo

By climbing to the highest point and taking a feather to a floating island, Madeline meets Badeline to discuss her reason for being here. Badeline dislikes changing, but Madeline persuades her by saying that there is no good argument, only that it feels right. Madeline mentions that she is trying to reconnect with childhood Maddy and retracing her steps.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

Screen of Celeste 64

Like in the original Celeste, Madeline can walk, jump, climb walls, and dash. Madeline has no stamina limit, but she can't dash vertically. While climbing, she can move to adjacent walls. Two advanced techniques are mentioned: skid jumps, performed by running full speed, turning around, and then jumping; and dash jumps, which are essentially Superdashes.

The player must control the camera by using WASD (on the keyboard) or the right analog stick (on the controller), which also affects the direction movement keys take you.

The mechanics present in the game are spikes, checkpoints, springs (that look like a few planks), traffic blocks (looking like a stone) feathers, falling blocks, smashable glass, dash refills, and double dash refills. There are also touch switches and cassette blocks used only in strawberry rooms (accessible via cassettes).

There is only one level, Forsaken City. The game does not end at any point, and you quit by exiting the game through the pause menu.

Soundtrack[edit | edit source]

The soundtrack for Celeste 64 was composed by Lena Raine, and is available on Bandcamp.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Four secret signs are scattered around, teaching the player advanced tech and camera mechanics. There is also a "Credits" one.
  • The game was created in about a week.
  • Celeste 64 likely took inspiration from Celeste but it's 3D, a fan remake by CodyCantEatThis, who described its developing process in this video.