Madeline's Grab Bag

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Celeste - Madeline's Grab Bag

Artist Lena Raine, Kevin Regamey
Price Pay what you want
Track listing 01  •   Forsaken City (8-bit)
02  •   Old Site (8-bit)
03  •   Celestial Resort (8-bit)
04  •   Golden (8-bit)
05  •   Mirror Temple (8-bit)
06  •   Reflection (8-bit)
07  •   Summit (8-bit)
08  •   The Core (8-bit)
09  •   First Steps (Piano Only)
10  •   Shattered Mirror
11  •   Enter the Mirror
12  •   Secret Shrine
13  •   Madeline Levels Up
14  •   Chapter Complete - Ascending
15  •   Chapter Complete - Normal
16  •   Chapter Complete - Summit
17  •   Chapter Complete - Ascending B-Sides
18  •   Chapter Complete - B-Sides
Link to album Bandcamp

List of music

Madeline's Grab Bag is a complimentary soundtrack to Celeste OST. It includes 18 "bonus" tracks found in the game but not included in the original. They notably include 8-bit remixes played in Cassette Rooms (all of them last 2 minutes 13 seconds) and a piano-only version of First Steps (played in the crystal heart room in Forsaken City A-Side). Also, it contains various cinematic tracks and 5 variations of jingles played upon chapter completion.

The album was mastered by Lena Raine. Kevin Regamey authored the first six 8-bit remixes and co-authored "Secret Shrine" and "Madeline Levels Up". The album can be listened to and downloaded on "pay what you want" terms on Bandcamp.