Golden strawberries

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Golden strawberries (often abbreviated to goldens, goldberrys, or simply golds) are a type of strawberry unlocked after completing the B-Sides which gives the player a much bigger challenge. Golden strawberries will spawn at the beginning of a chapter, and can only be collected by completing a chapter without dying. Completing chapters deathless is a very daunting task, and as such, many players choose not to collect them. However, there are plenty of players who are up to the challenge and have collected every golden strawberry in the vanilla game, including the infamous Farewell Golden Strawberry.

The Farewell Golden Strawberry[edit | edit source]

Given Farewell's extreme difficulty, many players collecting a total of over 3000 deaths on their first run through, the Farewell Golden Strawberry (often abbreviated to FWG) is almost impossible, even to top players. Only around 300 players at the time of writing have collected the golden. You can see a full list of FWG Collecters here. If you wish to try and collect the golden for yourself, it's recommended you watch some FWG Collecters' videos and try to pin down some of the strats, and also look at the Farewell Golden Strawberry strategy guide.