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Neutral Jumps, often shortened to Neutrals, are an untaught tech that can be used to climb even and uneven walls without using any stamina. They are technically not required in the base game, however they're highly recommended to learn for collecting the winged golden strawberry in Forsaken City.

Performing a neutral jump[edit | edit source]

Neutral jumping

To do a neutral jump, the player must not hold the grab button or the directional buttons (left or right) while jumping off a wall. Then, Madeline only moves a short horizontal distance away, allowing her to get back to the wall and jump off it again. If done quickly enough, it's possible to slowly climb a wall without using any stamina. Doing neutral jumps requires learning a specific rhythm which may take some practice. You can practice it in a room with a long, flat wall and no obstacles. An example of such a wall is the left wall of the first room of Hollows in 6A.

Usefulness[edit | edit source]

Neutral jumps become very handy for stamina conservation. Many stamina puzzles in mods involve neutral jumping. This tech is also extremely useful for speedrunners or people attempting to get the golden strawberry to recover from a mistake leading to loss of stamina. Neutrals also allow the player to climb walls covered in ice, which appear in Core and in a room in Farewell.