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The two types of bumpers; the default blue bumper and the hot red bumper found in Core

Found in 6  •  8  •  9

List of entities

Bumpers are entities that bounce Madeline off in the same direction she hits them from. They are first introduced in Reflection and are further used in Core, where the mechanic of switching between hot and cold modes is introduced. When the screen is in "hot" mode, the bumpers turn red and spiky, killing Madeline when she touches them.

Tech[edit | edit source]

One tech that can be used with bumpers (as well as respawning seekers and pufferfish) is explosion boosts (specifically, bumper boosts), which cause Madeline to go far further than she would normally from bouncing off. To perform this, collide horizontally with a bumper, then hold down the control for the other direction on the same frame you hit it. (This can be buffered rather far in advance.) This is used frequently in some custom maps.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Bumpers can be clipped through if you dash through them during their cooldown state (shortly after they are activated).
  • Celeste Fandom Wiki lists "sparkly platforms" as their alternate name. This is frequently made fun of in Celestecord[1].
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