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Jellyfish are introduced and used exclusively in Farewell. They act as a parachute, and can be used to slowfall and fastfall by holding up or down respectively.

A floating jellyfish

Other names Jelly, Parachute, Glider

List of entities

Jelly Regrabs[edit | edit source]

A tech, named by the community as a Regrab, is something done with Jellyfish (or Theo Crystal) that essentially allows dash cancelling with a Jellyfish. This tech is used quite a bit in the Farewell chapter itself and is required to complete many rooms.

Jellyvator/Jellyfish Elevator[edit | edit source]

Another tech, discovered and named by the community, allows infinite height from neutral dropping two Jellyfish continuously. To do this, get two Jellyfish to be about on top of each other, then jump or dash upwards to obtain the upwards momentum you need to start the Jellyvator, hold down and press and release the grab button rhythmically.