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Vators are a technique that allows players to dash into an entity, most notably a Jellyfish or a Theo Crystal, and grab them in mid-air to get an extra boost in the air. They are often used for speedrunning purposes, however Farewell requires them to pass a few rooms with the Jellyfish.

Diagonal Vators[edit | edit source]

Upon throwing a Jellyfish or the Theo Crystal, there's a short time in which it's possible to dash diagonally into it to regrab the item, getting a small diagonal boost. The later they're grabbed, the later the boost happens.

Neutral Drops[edit | edit source]

Throwable objects can be dropped by releasing grab while holding down. This is called a neutral drop and cancels the objects momentum. This technique is absolutely required for jellyvators.

Jellyvators[edit | edit source]

Technically required in Farewell, although they use wall setups. Jellyvators can be done by either throwing a Jellyfish against a solid, or by dropping it in mid-air, and dashing upwards again to grab it and get a large air boost. Due to their floaty physics, it's possible to reach larger heights or cross massive pits thanks to them. The later the grab, the higher Madeline will get the momentum boost.

Jellyfish Parachutes have a small delay between regrabs. If a player tries to do a Jellyvator extremely early, they may pass through it without grabbing.

Theovators[edit | edit source]

Similarly to Jellyvators, they're done by doing an upwards dash into the crystal, getting a slight mid-air boost. Due to the heavier physics of this throwable, the boost is much smaller and it's not very useful for crossing large gaps. It can however be used to climb some walls, or to throw the crystal onto platforms that are out of the reach of a regular dash.

Due to the crystal having much heavier physics, a Theovator will only work if the player drops and updashes into it while they're falling. If done too early, they will pass through the crystal due to a regrab delay.