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A Theo Crystal

A Theo Crystal is an object that appears in Mirror Temple A-Side and Mirror Temple B-Side. As the name suggests, it features Theo trapped inside a pentagon-shaped crystal. Madeline needs to carry it with her in order to progress: a brown-colored gate, blocking her path, will open if and only if a Theo Crystal is near it.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

A brown gate opens when Madeline goes near it while carrying a Theo Crystal
The presence of a Theo Crystal makes brown gates open by themselves

A Theo Crystal can be carried by holding the button used for climbing. While held, it slows Madeline down and makes her unable to dash.

Releasing the button used for climbing will throw a Theo Crystal in the direction Madeline faces in. To drop a crystal without throwing it (neutral drop), you need to press the down button before releasing the button used for climbing.

Dash Platforms give momentum to a Theo Crystal. If a Seeker crashes into the crystal, Madeline may drop it.

It is possible (and sometimes required) to activate yellow-colored dash switches by throwing a Theo Crystal into them. Additionally, in the final room of Mirror Temple A-Side a Theo Crystal must be thrown into the eye; this will destroy the crystal, freeing Theo.

Techniques[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Eyes in the background always look at a Theo Crystal.
  • In Mirror Temple B-Side it is possible to collect a Red Crystal Heart by throwing a Theo Crystal at it instead of dashing into it.
  • A crystal is an expression of Theo's negative psychic energy, as mentioned in the dialogues.