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Wind is an entity that affects Madeline's movement. It can blow in any of the four cardinal directions (up, down, left, or right) and with different intensities. Wind can change its intensity or direction between levels, checkpoints, or sometimes on the same screen periodically. Wind is first introduced in Golden Ridge, and it also appears in The Summit and Farewell.

The presence of wind can be noticed by line particles (white in Golden Ridge and Summit, colored in Farewell) going to the side the wind is blowing in. It can also be detected by the flags in the background occasionally.

Appearance in Golden Ridge[edit | edit source]

Wind marks its first appearance in 4A immediately after the cutscene with Granny, who warns Madeline about it.

Wind can be found in A-, B- and C-Sides of Golden Ridge, which adds difficulty to the player. In the last room of 4C, "crazy" wind, blowing right, renders Madeline impossible to go back without dashing.

In this chapter, wind can only blow in two directions: left or right.

Appearance in Summit[edit | edit source]

In The Summit A-Side, horizontal wind appears in the 2000M subchapter, designed as Golden Ridge. The vertical wind is introduced in the final subchapter (3000M). Downwards-blowing wind first appears after flag 28. It limits the height of Madeline's jump, hinders her ability to climb and perform neutral jumps, and makes her fall faster. Upwards-blowing wind, introduced in flag 19, does the opposite: it lets Madeline jump higher and act much "floatier" mid-air.

Wind also appears in The Summit B-Side and The Summit C-Side.

Appearance in Farewell[edit | edit source]

In Farewell, upwards-blowing wind first appears in the Determination checkpoint. There, it is demonstrated that wind affects the trajectory of Red bubbles, pushing them slightly towards where the wind is blowing. After a few screens, leftwards-blowing wind appears, showcasing the peculiarities of wavedashing under the wind. It is replaced by rightwards-blowing wind on the same screen.

Wind appears in a room in Reconciliation, blowing right.

In the last "main" room of Farewell as well as the Farewell room, upwards-blowing wind is reintroduced. These rooms demonstrate the behaviour of Jellyfish Parachutes under wind: they can actually lift Madeline upwards if she is holding one.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • There is an unused intensity of upwards-blowing wind known as "space wind", which would presumably have been used in Farewell or the final room of the Core.