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Not to be confused with the 2015 original game, its 2021 successor, the titular mountain or the founder of this wiki.

For advice on purchasing a copy of the game, refer to Buying Celeste.

Celeste is a 2018 platforming video gameWikipedia designed, directed, and written by Maddy Thorson, and programmed by Thorson and Noel Berry. Based off a 2015 game of the same name, made in four days by Thorson and Berry for a game jam, the game follows a young trans woman named Madeline who attempts to climb a (fictional) version of Mount Celeste, but has to face her inner demons in her quest towards the summit.

The game itself is divided into nine distinct chapters, each featuring their own mechanics making themselves unique. The level of difficulty generally scales upwards for most of the game; Alternate sides provide additional difficulty for players whom desire it. Celeste also has a vast number of mods, ranging from easy to just about impossible, which can increase the number of levels Madeline can complete from twenty-five to thousands.

Celeste has been released on various platforms. Its initial release put it onto itch.io and the Steam distribution system for GNU/Linux, macOS and Windows; console releases were created for the Xbox One lineup, Playstation 4 series and Nintendo Switch consoles. Since then, the game has been ported to newer-generation consoles (notably the Xbox Series S/X and Playstation 5), and the macOS and Windows exclusive Epic Games store.[note 1][note 2] An update in September 2019,, introduced Farewell; however, no significant updates have been released since, and most of them serves to fix minor game bugs and/or create quality-of-life improvements.

  1. The founder of Celeste Wiki, User:Celeste, discourages purchases from the Epic Games store on the basis that it does not support the GNU/Linux version of Celeste, and overall has the worst support among all computer releases. However, if Celeste is made available there for free, which has happened on more than one occasion, it is worth using it for that purpose.
  2. You may wonder why no mention of the Google Stadia service as a software substitute has not been mentioned anywhere. This is because the founder of Celeste Wiki, User:Celeste, strongly discourages purchasing any games from Google Stadia, including Celeste. You do not own the game, and must continue paying for the service in order to be able to continue playing Celeste unimpeded; you are also unable to download Celeste onto your computer. If you wish to stream Celeste, it is recommended to use either a service that can stream the game locally (e.g. Steam Home Sharing), or a service that uses binaries that you already own (e.g. Geforce NOW).