List of Celeste players with the Farewell Golden Berry

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Obtaining Farewell's Golden Strawberry in Celeste is generally considered an astonishing feat, primarily because of the sheer level of difficulty in collecting it. As such, obtaining such a prestigious trophy is highly regarded by many. Obtaining the Farewell Golden Berry often implies finally having 202 berries, but that is not a prerequisite for this strawberry.

This list was originally created by DJTom3, but has been ported to the wiki by Celeste (bureaucrat). The original spreadsheet for which the data is based on can be found here.

If you wish to be added to this list with verification, or removed from it, please contact celeste#1337, PixelBlitz#0308, or Lugei#2004 on Discord. To do so, you should first join the official Celeste Discord server, and then direct message either user from there. Otherwise, feel free to leave a message on the associated talk page here if you wish to have yourself added (albeit unverified) or removed. If you would also like to request a name change for whatever reason, you may contact them for that as well.

List of players with the Farewell Golden Strawberry in Celeste
Name Date achieved Platform Verified Link Moon Berry Keys used[1] Keys kept[2] Repeat collect[3] Part. run[4] 202nd berry?[5]
lennygold 2019-09-12  Windows  Yes YouTube Yes
Eenox 2019-09-17  Windows  Yes YouTube Yes
Chaikitty 2019-09-17  Windows  Yes YouTube Yes
Plush 2019-09-18  Windows  Yes YouTube Yes
Hydro 2019-09-20  Windows  No Discord Yes
Angrevol 2019-09-23  Windows  Yes YouTube Yes
rjdimo 2019-09-26  Windows  Yes YouTube Yes
CyberGamer1359 2019-09-28  Windows  Yes YouTube Yes
Yamard 2019-09-30  Windows  Yes YouTube Yes Yes
snifidy 2019-10-11  Windows  Yes YouTube Yes
Kriog16 2019-10-16  Windows  Yes YouTube Yes
Zangetsx 2019-10-19 Playstation Yes Bilibili Yes
AkaraWa 2019-10-20  Windows  Yes YouTube Yes
TGH 2019-11-06  Windows  Yes YouTube Yes
Albcat 2019-11-08  Windows  No Discord Yes
Master Sparky 2019-11-10  Windows  Yes YouTube Yes Yes
WoofWoofDoggo 2019-11-17  Windows  Yes YouTube Yes
CloudsMind 2019-11-23  Windows  Yes Bilibili Yes
apollo 2019-12-01  Windows  Yes YouTube 176
DrDimentio 2019-12-14  Mac OS  Yes YouTube Yes
touhoe 2019-12-23  Windows  Yes YouTube Yes Yes
BV502 2019-12-23  Windows  Yes YouTube Yes
Nathan5190 2019-12-24  Switch  No[note 2] Reddit Yes Yes
没事儿爱唱歌 2019-12-25  Windows  Yes Bilibili Yes Yes
DeathKontrol 2019-12-25  Windows  Yes YouTube Yes
Cr33pyCat 2019-12-25  Windows  Yes YouTube Yes
SystemGlitch 2019-12-25  Windows  Yes YouTube Yes
Mozkovic 2019-12-28  Switch  Yes Twitter Yes Yes
Habbedaz 2020-01-11  Windows  Yes YouTube Yes Yes
mt_steve 2020-01-12  Xbox  Yes YouTube Yes 192
Rickfernello 2020-01-30  Windows  Yes YouTube Yes
Piper1618 2020-02-15  Windows  Yes YouTube Yes
DemoJameson 2020-02-15  Windows  Yes YouTube Yes Yes
Evansfight 2020-02-16  Windows  Yes YouTube Yes
cordovia 2020-02-22  Windows  Yes YouTube Yes
MattressWorld 2020-02-24  Windows  Yes YouTube Yes
YY_kun 2020-02-25  Windows  Yes YouTube Yes
Cay 2020-02-28  Windows  Yes YouTube Yes
Benjamanian 2020-02-29  Windows  Yes YouTube Yes
Evermar314159 2020-03-16  Switch  Yes YouTube Full Yes
NPH 2020-03-16  Windows  Yes YouTube Yes
DonTonberry 2020-03-28 Playstation Yes Twitch Yes
clemGEEK16 2020-03-28  Switch  Yes Reddit Yes Yes
爬山姗 2020-03-29  Windows  Yes Bilibili Yes
Clantis 2020-03-29  Windows  Yes YouTube Yes Yes
wishcresp 2020-04-01  Switch  Yes YouTube Full Yes
erictran0 2020-04-13  Windows  Yes Twitch Yes
unfandemcmillen 2020-04-14  Windows  No Discord Yes
wandrewni 2020-04-15  Windows  Yes Twitch Yes
天府2234 2020-04-15  Windows  Yes Bilibili Yes
SergeantSnivy243 2020-04-18  Windows  Yes Twitch Yes
The_Herobrine 2020-04-19  Windows  Yes Twitch Yes Yes Yes
cxz0618 2020-04-22  Windows  Yes Bilibili Yes Yes
Kyohei 2020-04-29  Windows  Yes Twitch Yes
Monika 2020-05-01  Windows  Yes YouTube Yes
桐815 2020-05-03  Windows  No[note 3] Bilibili Yes
ぶらすと 2020-05-07  Windows  No[note 4] YouTube Yes Yes
Poist 2020-05-08  Windows  Yes YouTube Yes Yes
Novennial 2020-05-13  Windows  Yes YouTube Yes
pisgood 2020-05-17  Windows  Yes YouTube Yes
6.28 2020-05-17  Switch  Yes YouTube Yes Yes Yes
quadratic97 2020-05-20  Windows  Yes YouTube Yes
Bossman 2020-05-21  Windows  Yes YouTube Yes
danesky 2020-05-22  Windows  Yes Nicovideo Yes
Slons 2020-05-27  Windows  Yes YouTube Yes
Soapi 2020-05-27  Mac OS  Yes YouTube Yes Yes
Jin Gaster 2020-05-28  Windows  Yes YouTube Yes Yes
Aroxon 2020-06-01  Windows  Yes YouTube Yes
Vamp 2020-06-07  Windows  Yes YouTube 2 Yes
EldritchBerry 2020-06-11  Windows  Yes YouTube Yes 201
CC-ss 2020-06-13  Windows  Yes Bilibili 199
执着owo 2020-06-22  Windows  Yes Bilibili Yes
KC 2020-06-23  Windows  Yes YouTube Yes
Norah 2020-06-23  GNU/Linux  Yes Twitch Yes Yes
JayJay 2020-07-04  Windows  Yes YouTube Yes
Aegis_1 2020-07-06  Windows  Yes Bilibili Yes
无情的1up机器 2020-07-08  Windows  Yes Bilibili Yes
Sow 2020-07-15  Windows  Yes YouTube Yes 195
F4697 2020-07-17  Windows  Yes Twitch Yes
Joe Po 2020-07-24  Windows  Yes YouTube Yes
0mengyi0 2020-07-28  Windows  Yes Bilibili Yes
wantarou 2020-07-31  Windows  Yes YouTube Yes
DollyDeKuva 2020-07-31  Windows  No[note 5] Reddit Yes
TyKim 2020-08-07  Windows  Yes YouTube Yes Yes
Xplosives 2020-08-07  Windows  Yes YouTube Yes
soc0609 2020-08-09  Windows  Yes YouTube Yes
Kiiview 2020-08-11  Windows  Yes YouTube Yes Yes
Pyrolescent 2020-08-12  Windows  Yes YouTube Yes Yes
Plandiss 2020-08-13  Windows  Yes YouTube Yes
Lugei 2020-08-17  Windows  Yes YouTube Yes
Yoshi 2020-08-18  Windows  Yes YouTube Yes 5 Yes
黑月KING 2020-08-23  Windows  Yes Bilibili Yes
VestingBarbecue 2020-08-23  Windows  Yes Twitch Yes Yes
JTF98 2020-08-25  GNU/Linux  Yes YouTube 201
优雅只与爱相关 2020-08-29  Windows  Yes Bilibili Yes Yes
七海椋 2020-08-30  Windows  Yes Bilibili 199
Ezel 2020-08-30  Windows  Yes YouTube Yes
LuhxEn 2020-08-31  Windows  Yes YouTube 154
Jellopuff 2020-09-01  Switch  Yes Twitter Yes Yes
Ellis V. 2020-09-01  Windows  Yes YouTube Yes Yes
minecire 2020-09-02  Windows  Yes Self-host Yes Yes
noetmon 2020-09-05  Windows  Yes YouTube Yes Yes
CANADIAN 2020-09-05  Windows  Yes YouTube 193
Ambrosiagong 2020-09-05  Windows  Yes Twitch Yes Yes
Superkell 2020-09-05  Windows  Yes YouTube Yes Yes
Tadawara 2020-09-07  Windows  Yes YouTube Yes
Monkey D. Link 2020-09-11  Switch  Yes YouTube Full Yes
tinyklein 2020-09-11  Windows  Yes Twitch Yes
Stuttgarden 2020-09-12  Windows  Yes YouTube Yes Yes
ぽけさめ 2020-09-15  Windows  No[note 6] YouTube Yes
nashinashi 2020-09-16  Windows  Yes YouTube Yes
Desereder 2020-09-20  Windows  Yes YouTube Yes Yes
jelloknifee 2020-09-21  Windows  Yes YouTube Yes
AprilSR 2020-09-23  Windows  Yes YouTube Yes
Meercko 2020-10-01  Switch  Yes YouTube Full Yes
sladkoru 2020-10-02  Windows  Yes YouTube Yes
febasguga 2020-10-22  Switch  Yes YouTube Yes Yes
Domochar9 2020-11-01  Windows  Yes Twitch Yes
ParrotDash 2020-11-05  Switch  Yes YouTube Full Yes
GuardianRTz 2020-11-06  Windows  Yes YouTube Yes
Hunyjoa 2020-11-07  Windows  Yes YouTube Yes
Croissant 2020-11-08  Windows  Yes YouTube Yes Yes
Klice 2020-11-11  Windows  Yes YouTube 198
FlyinPoulpus 2020-11-11  Windows  Yes YouTube Yes
CalebTheKing 2020-11-21  Switch  Yes Twitter Yes Yes
Ecl1psed 2020-11-23  Windows  Yes YouTube Yes
ekisacik 2020-11-25  Windows  Yes Twitch Yes Yes
truegen 2020-11-26  Windows  Yes YouTube Yes
Nepuri 2020-12-03  Windows  Yes YouTube Yes Yes
yawaworhtnb 2020-12-04  Switch  No[note 7] Reddit Yes Yes
Kostucha 2020-12-07  Windows  Yes YouTube Yes
Merk 2020-12-09  Windows  Yes YouTube Yes
Maistas 2020-12-11  Windows  Yes YouTube Yes Yes
rafix 2020-12-12  Windows  No[note 8] Streamable 5 Yes
Natalie 2020-12-13  Windows  Yes YouTube Yes
Kezzer 2020-12-22  Windows  Yes YouTube Yes Yes
Benny 2020-12-23  Windows  Yes YouTube Yes
Lucho 2020-12-24 Playstation Yes YouTube Yes
aleph_null 2020-12-24  Windows  Yes YouTube Yes
TonyWizard 2020-12-27  Switch  Yes YouTube Yes Yes
The Paprika Leaf 2021-01-11  Windows  Yes YouTube 201
kijin_14 2021-01-15  Windows  Yes YouTube Yes Yes
CaptainCarpensir 2021-01-16  Windows  Yes YouTube Yes
ToddBevino 2021-01-16  Windows  Yes YouTube Yes
Forksu 2021-01-17  Windows  Yes YouTube Yes Yes
蘇揚智 2021-01-29  Windows  Yes YouTube Yes
SpKi 2021-01-31  Windows  Yes YouTube Yes
Kingarthur 2021-02-02  Windows  No Discord Yes
PixelBlitz 2021-02-02  Windows  No Discord Yes Yes
ToddBevino 2021-02-07  Windows  Yes YouTube Yes
Poncle 2021-02-07  Windows  Yes YouTube Yes Yes
白夜永昼 2021-02-08  Windows  Yes Bilibili Yes
aqwii 2021-02-14  Windows  Yes YouTube Yes
oatmealman 2021-02-18  Windows  Yes YouTube Yes
Klyx 2021-02-20  Windows  Yes YouTube 196
Soul ` Destiny 2021-02-21  Windows  Yes Bilibili Yes
gronxest 2021-02-22  Mac OS  Yes Twitch Yes
桦树ovo 2021-02-23  Windows  Yes Bilibili Yes 5 Yes
节奏桑 2021-02-25  Windows  Yes Bilibili Yes
AntiTerrestrial 2021-02-28  Windows  No Discord Yes
ねりな 2021-02-28  Windows  Yes YouTube Yes
ranpigJP 2021-03-02  Windows  Yes Twitch Yes
Fonkin 2021-03-02  Switch  Yes Twitter Yes Yes
Eletrick 2021-03-05  Windows  Yes YouTube Yes Yes
2_Unofficial 2021-03-12  Windows  Yes Bilibili Yes
Niku 2021-03-15  Windows  Yes YouTube Yes Yes
KahlModz 2021-03-18  Windows  Yes YouTube Yes
marz 2021-03-24  Windows  No[note 3] YouTube Yes
Wasp 2021-03-25  Windows  Yes YouTube Yes Yes
NotPhobos 2021-03-27  Windows  No[note 3] YouTube Yes
mats the cat 2021-04-05  Switch  No Discord Full Yes
Runows 2021-04-06  Windows  Yes YouTube Yes
dadangerdan 2021-04-09  Windows  Yes YouTube Yes
bowewod 2021-04-20  Windows  Yes YouTube Yes
Solomon 2021-04-24  Windows  Yes YouTube Yes
Athena Venny 2021-04-28  Windows  Yes YouTube Yes
慎独QWQ 2021-05-02  Windows  Yes Bilibili Yes
LeSchoki 2021-05-09  Windows  Yes YouTube Yes Yes
蕴空之灵 2021-05-11  Windows  Yes Bilibili Yes
SuperLan11 2021-05-13  Switch  Yes YouTube Full Yes
juckter 2021-05-23  Windows  Yes YouTube Yes
Nihlm 2021-05-23  Windows  Yes YouTube Yes
Kaijanmeyer 2021-05-23  Windows  Yes YouTube Yes
Finn 2021-05-23  Windows  Yes YouTube Yes
園田 2021-05-24  Windows  Yes YouTube Yes
0ta0ta 2021-05-26  Windows  Yes YouTube Yes Yes
rex 2021-05-28  Windows  Yes YouTube Yes
Vina 2021-05-29  Windows  Yes YouTube Yes
三思UwU 2021-05-29  Windows  Yes Bilibili Yes
Visabillity 2021-05-29  Windows  Yes Twitch Yes Yes
Asgord 2021-05-29  Windows  Yes YouTube Yes
Thalant 2021-06-07  Windows  Yes YouTube Yes
Handsome计数君 2021-06-22  Windows  Yes Bilibili Yes Yes
Nanashi 2021-06-27  Windows  Yes Bilibili 1
JustJulia 2021-07-01  Windows  No[note 9] YouTube Yes Yes
Grady 2021-07-04  Windows  Yes Twitch Yes
Edvin 2021-07-05  Windows  Yes YouTube Yes 1 177
NotPhobos 2021-07-06  Windows  Yes YouTube Yes
Lyly 2021-07-06  Windows  Yes YouTube Yes 5 Yes
te 2021-07-09  Windows  Yes YouTube Yes
DJTom3 2021-07-11  Windows  Yes YouTube Yes
TSMadness 2021-07-13  Windows  Yes YouTube Yes
YellowRelic 2021-07-14  Windows  Yes YouTube Yes
laugrimm 2021-07-17  Windows  No[note 5] Reddit Yes
  1. 1.0 1.1 1.2 1.3 1.4 1.5 1.6 Documented their progress on the Celeste Discord.
  2. Variant Mode was on but unused during the run; it otherwise complies with Switch partial recording criteria.
  3. 3.0 3.1 3.2 Video evidence only starts at the end of Farewell's main room
  4. Video evidence cuts off between 14:00.667 IGT and 15:22.947 IGT; 82 seconds missing (in Determination)
  5. 5.0 5.1 Documented their progress on Reddit.
  6. Video once existed, but has since been removed.
  7. No pause was included as part of Switch partial verification to ensure that Assist or Variant mode was disabled.
  8. Video only provides partial evidence, starts at beginning of Farewell checkpoint. Eyewitnesses were present on CelesteNet however.
  9. Some short sections (in final room of Determination, main room in Farewell) have been cut off (presumably recording software issues), but the run otherwise made sense and there were eyewitnesses.

  1. If a checkmark is present, the player in question did not perform the Power Source Key Skip, and opened all five keydoors blocking the red bubble in the central room.
  2. If a number is present, this means that the player in question has collected one or more keys in Power Source, but chose to kept the keys until the end of the run instead of using them as you would normally.
  3. If yes, this means that it is not the first time the player in question has collected the Golden Strawberry. This may be because the aforementioned player first collected it using Assist or Variant Modes.
  4. A 30 second clip of the end of the run recorded on Switch; since the Nintendo Switch does not have native screen recording capabilities for more than 30 seconds, additional precautions are taken to ensure the legitimacy of these runs.
  5. If a number is present, this means that it's the player in question's nth berry (where n ≠ 202).