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Table (WIP)[edit | edit source]

Obstacles and Objects in Celeste
Image Object name Alternative names Summary Chapters
found in
Badeline Boss Badeline Bosses are bosses which attack Madeline using a variety of attacks, including laser-like beams and red projectiles that kill on contact. Every time Badeline is hit, by moving sufficiently close to her, she either moves to another point within the room, or flies off the room. 6A  •  6B
Baddy Chaser.png
Badeline Chasers Flying Badelines Badeline Chasers spawn behind Madeline or another Badeline Chaser, and follows her, ignoring any collision, three seconds behind either Madeline or (if there are multiple Badeline Chasers) one second behind the previous Badeline Chaser. Up to five can spawn in vanilla Celeste. They spawn as soon as Madeline starts moving in a room with them, and will kill her on contact. Old Site
Badeline Orbs Purple Orbs
Badeline Launchers
Badeline Orbs are purple orbs which, on contact, either triggers an animation where Badeline launches the player upwards in an (exclusive) spinning state, or propels the player upwards and refills their dash simultaneously. 6A  •  7  •  8  •  9
Barriers Barriers are nonlethal, walk-through and see-through objects that forbid Seekers from going through, propelling them off, and destroy Jellyfish on contact. 5  •  9
Bird The Bird, as an interactable object, flings the player rightwards whenever the player is in its range. Additionally, the player's dash is refilled. Farewell
Blades Stars (chapter 9) Blades, and Stars (a retextured version of Blades), spin either following a line or in a circular motion, killing Madeline if she ends up touching it. 5  •  7  •  9
Blue Torches Blue Torches are off by default, but light up when Madeline walks past them, or otherwise approaches them. They are primarily found in dark areas. Mirror Temple
Bumpers Sparkly Platforms
"Hot" variant:
Angry Bumpers
Hot Bumpers
Bumpers are circular brown platforms with blue borders and serious faces that bounce the player in the direction the player touches. Bumpers temporarily shrink and switch off for a fraction of a second before reactivating each time it is touched. When in "hot" mode in Core, Bumpers become angry and gain spikes, killing Madeline upon contact. 6  •  8
Cassette Block Alternating Blocks
Rhythm Blocks
Cassette Blocks are alternating blue and pink blocks which shift to a beat. They are often paired with 8-bit versions of a chapter's music. They appear in all Cassette Tape rooms, the last room of every B-Side, and Chapter 9, where they also appear in three-color (blue, pink, yellow) and four-color (blue, pink, yellow, green) variants. Only one of each color is active at a time: for example, when a block switches to pink, Madeline will fall through the blue block she was standing on before. Cassette Blocks may also contain spikes on them, which kill the player on contact. 1  •  2  •  3
4  •  5  •  6
7  •  8  •  9

(All except
Checkpoint Flags Checkpoints Checkpoint Flags are flags which, upon contact, light up and set Madeline's checkpoint to the platform beneath the flag. Checkpoint Flags also contain a number, which indicates the number of checkpoints prior to a goal (in vanilla Celeste, the Summit). 7A  •  7B
Clouds Blue Clouds
Pink Clouds
White Clouds
Clouds are bouncy platforms which first squish downwards when Madeline lands on one, and then subsequently launch her upwards. Buffering a jump whilst standing on a cloud allows Madeline to gain large amounts of height. Blue/White Clouds are permanently seated, whilst Pink Clouds despawn after propelling Madeline upwards (and subsequently respawn). 4  •  7  •  9
Clutter Junk Clutter refers to objects liberally placed in the Celestial Resort. There are three types of clutter in Celeste; depressing a switch for the corresponding type of clutter will remove all clutter of the type from the level. 3A  •  3B
Clutter Switch Junk Switch
Resort Switch
Clutter switches clean up any clutter that is associated with the switch. This can be told by looking at the object depicted on the switch. There are three types of clutter switches in Celeste, each one corresponding with one type of clutter. Celestial Resort A-Side
Conveyor Wall Conveyor Belt A conveyor belt that propels Madeline upwards. If she ungrabs at the right time, it can launch her a relatively significant distance upwards. In Core, it only exists while in "hot" mode; it is replaced by Ice Walls whilst in "cold" mode. 8  •  9
Core Switches Core Flip Switch A switch which permits toggling between "hot" mode and "cold" mode in Chapter 8: Core. Some switches are "bidirectional", allowing switching between hot and cold mode; others are unidirectional, only allowing switching 'to' hot mode or 'to' cold mode, deactivating afterwards. Core
Dash Refills Dash Diamonds A diamond which, upon touching, if Madeline isn't at her full number of dashes or if her stamina is running low, will refill her dashes to the maximum possible ( one dash in Chapters 1 through 6; two dashes in Chapters 7 and 8; one dash in Chapter 9 ), and refill her stamina to the maximum value of 110. 1  •  2  •  3
4  •  5  •  6
7  •  8  •  9
Double Dash Refills Double Diamonds A double diamond which, upon touching, if Madeline doesn't already have two dashes or is running low on stamina, will refill her dashes to 2, regardless of her maximum number of dashes, and refill her stamina to the maximum value of 110. Whilst having two dashes, Madeline's hair turns pink; this dash will not refill itself after she uses it up, and she will need to collect another Double Diamond in order to re-obtain a second dash. Farewell
Dash Platform Dash Block A platform which very quickly shifts, accordingly to a see-through outline, to its other end as soon as Madeline dashes, and slowly retracts back to its original location. Madeline can gain a considerable amount of momentum using these platforms, especially when using a hyperdash off them. They can be of different sizes, and can go both horizontally and vertically. 5  •  7  •  8  •  9
Dash Switch Green button

Yellow button

A switch, typically green or yellow in color, which, when dashed into, or bashed via a Theo Crystal, a seeker or a jellyfish, will open up a Temple Gate, allowing Madeline to progress. 5  •  7  •  9
Disappearing Platforms Crumble blocks Gray, unstable platforms which disintegrate shortly after Madeline either grabs onto it or stands on it, and vanish instantly if Madeline jumps off. They respawn a few seconds later. 1  •  2  •  3
4  •  5  •  6
7  •  8  •  9
Dream Blocks Space Jam An extremely versatile block that Madeline can dash through, jump off, climb, jump whilst exiting the block, and even hyperdash out of one. A deactivated version appears in Old Site A-Side. 2  •  7A  •  7B
8B  •  8C  •  9
Celeste dust bunnies.gif
Dust Bunnies Sludge
Red Blobs
Lethal, black in color but outlined in red obstacles that effectively act the same way as either blades or spinners. They are extremely commonly found in Celestial Resort, and Mr. Oshiro emits them when stressed. 3  •  7A  •  7B  •  9
Dust Triggers Dust Tendrils
Dust Tentacles
Red hairs that appear on surfaces, such as walls and ground. Madeline can walk on them just fine, but after walking on them, they transform into dust bunnies, which are lethal. 3  •  7A  •  7B  •  9

Electric Box

Generator Electric Boxes are found exclusively in Chapter 9, particularly in the Farewell section. Dashing into it twice will destroy it, getting rid of all electricity in the room. Destroying the box will also restore your dash.
Falling Blocks Collapsing Blocks Some blocks, which are usually unmarked, are able to fall either when Madeline crosses a trigger or interacts (climbs on or lands on). These can often take the appearance of any other block, and may have things such as spikes attached to them. All except Ep.
Feather Feathers are special items which put Madeline into feather mode for approximately five seconds. Whilst in feather mode, Madeline is constantly moving, and will go in any one of 360 analog directions (if on controller); during this time, she is immune to gravity, allowing her to climb upwards quite a bit. 6  •  7  •  8  •  9
Fireball Hazardous balls of fire are found in the core, moving along set paths one after another. They move faster than their icy counterpart, and are lethal.

In Core, it only exists while in "hot" mode; it is replaced by Ice Balls whilst in "cold" mode.

Fire Platform Core Block Fire platforms are the much more active form of Core Blocks. When Madeline stands on or grabs onto one, the platform will gently move alongside Madeline for a moment, before slinging in the opposite direction, flinging Madeline away.

In Core, it only exists while in "hot" mode; it is replaced by Ice Platforms whilst in "cold" mode.


Grey Bubble

Orb Grey orbs that will give Madeline a short boost in any of the eight directions she can dash in. Essentially acts as an extra dash.
Ice Ball Ice Chunk Hazardous chunks of ice are found within the core, moving along set paths one after another. They move slower than their fiery counterpart, and while they are lethal when approached from the left, right, or bottom, they can be bounced off of from the top. Doing so will restore Madeline's dash and destroy the ice ball until Madeline dies or triggers a screen transition.

In Core, it only exists while in "cold" mode; it is replaced by Fireballs whilst in "hot" mode.

Ice Platform Core Block Ice platforms are the dormant form of Core Blocks. When Madeline stands on or grabs onto one, the platform will slowly fall for a moment, before disappearing entirely.

In Core, it only exists while in "cold" mode; it is replaced by Fire Platforms whilst in "hot" mode.

Ice Wall An Ice Wall has all the properties of your standard wall, except you cannot grab them. This means you can still wall kick, wall bounce, neutral jump, etc. off of them.

In Core, it only exists while in "cold" mode; it is replaced by Conveyor Walls whilst in "hot" mode.

Jellyfish Parachute Jellyfish are grabbable objects that act as parachutes, allowing Madeline to fall slowly while she glides. Holding up will make Madeline fall slower, and holding down will make her fall faster. Dashing into the Jellyfish right before grabbing it will carry the momentum of the dash once you grab the Jellyfish, propelling you in whatever direction you were dashing.
Kevin Block Kevins

Covert Blocks

Kevin blocks are brown and have a face on them, and appear to be at a standstill. But once Madeline dashes into any of its sides that have a blue outline, Madeline will bounce up, and the Kevin block will awaken. The block will continuously move towards whatever side Madeline dashed into until the block hits a wall or Madeline dashes into another one of its sides, making an "ororororo" sound. Once it hits a wall, the Kevin block will slowly move back to its original position.
Moving Block Moving blocks are black, with a a blue arrow in the middle. Grabbing or stepping on the block will activate it, turning the arrow green and making the block move in whatever direction the arrow is pointing. Some moving blocks have blue sides on them, which allow Madeline to control the block by standing on/grabbing the side and pressing a direction perpendicular to the direction the arrow is pointing. If a Moving block hits a wall for too long, the arrow will turn into a red X and the block will shatter, respawning at its original position shortly afterward.
Red Bubble Red orb Red bubbles act similarly to Grey bubbles, but unlike the latter, which only offers a quick burst of movement, a Red bubble will continue to propel Madeline in whatever direction she initially chose, until Madeline hits a wall or cancels the bubble with a dash.


Seekers are enemies found within the Mirror Temple. They have many properties that are similar to Madeline, as they can activate switches and buttons, and are able to dash. They aggressively seek out the player, and will dash the moment they see their target. They are unable to pass through barriers, and can be jumped on, which will restore Madeline's dash and stun the Seeker momentarily.
Traffic Block Traffic blocks are grey, and are attached to a conveyor. Standing on or grabbing the block will activate it, causing it to rapidly accelerate along its conveyor, before suddenly stopping at the end of its track. Afterward, it will slowly move back to its initial position, where it can be activated again. Madeline can use this to gain momentum by jumping at the last moment.

A reskinned version of the Traffic Block is found within Farewell.

1  •  8  •  9
Wind Wind will affect Madeline's movement to varying degrees, sometimes making forward movement near impossible without dashing, or potentially making her speed up. Wind can blow in any cardinal direction.

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Conveyor Walls

Ice Walls

Fire Balls

Ice Balls

Lava/Ice Sandwich


Disappearing Platforms

Core Blocks

?Crush Blocks

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Clutter[edit | edit source]

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