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Celeste is a two-dimensional platformer video game by Maddy Makes Games Inc., released in 2018. The player controls Madeline, who embarks on a journey to climb the mysterious Mount Celeste, uncovering herself throughout the trip.
The game comprises 9 gameplay chapters with different mechanics and challenges. It has amassed a considerable modding and speedrunning community.

Custom map article

Ultra Difficult

Ultra Difficult is a Red Grandmaster difficulty modded map in the Celeste 2020 Spring Collab. It features the frequent use of many difficult techniques, including Core Hypers and chained Ultradashes, enabling Madeline (who appears under her silhouette form) to travel at extreme speeds. It is one of the most popular Grandmaster-difficulty maps in the Spring Collab, and is commonly regarded as one of the most difficult maps within (alongside the 2020 Spring Collab Grandmaster Heartside and Heart of the Storm).

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