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I'm Artubass, an editor on Celeste Wiki from Ukraine, playing Celeste since the end of 2022. I wrote articles such as Postcards, Journal, Wind and some others. Oh, and Celeste Wiki:Portal. Also, I made some hopefully useful templates, such as the one indicating the number of my strawberries! You're welcome to use and improve them if you like. I hold sysop rights locally.

Currently, I am working on improving the Main Page.

If you need something or want to say hi, you may do this on my talk page or in the Celeste Wiki Discord (feel free to ping or DM me, my Discord username is artubass).

Feel free to correct, discuss and criticize my edits. I appreciate that!


← Mostly: grammar fixes, categorization, Main Page improvement

I also have a prototype of this wiki's Main Page. Go ahead and leave feedback on my or its talk page, or Discord if you like it more.

Pronouns: he/him

Main page templates for quick access[edit source]

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/Main wiki contents

/Main edit agitation

/Main mod (supplementary: Template:Mod option)