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Ten characters appear in Celeste. Six of them are characters whom Madeline can meet, including Madeline herself. Other (minor) characters appear in only one cutscene or are merely mentioned by others. This is a list of all characters mentioned in vanilla Celeste.

Madeline[edit | edit source]

Madeline as depicted in Farewell

Madeline is the main character of Celeste, controlled by the player. She struggles with anxiety and depression, which is her reason for climbing Mount Celeste. Madeline can dash, switching her hair color from red to white and finally cyan. Her hair also becomes pink, indicating that she can dash twice, at the end of Reflection. A hostile Part of Madeline, named Badeline, frequently confronts her during her climb.

Madeline also appears in Celeste Classic, Celeste 64, and Towerfall.

The player may choose another name for Madeline at the start of their playthrough. In this case, the characters will use this name instead.

Madeline's mom[edit | edit source]

Madeline's mom, whom Madeline phones at the end of Old Site A-Side, is unnamed in the game and simply called Mom. This is the only dialogue where she appears, though her photo can be seen in Farewell. She is worried about Madeline but shows support.

Green-haired person (ex)[edit | edit source]

A green-haired person appears in the ending cutscene of Intervention (Old Site). They are not named. The game files refer to them as Madeline's ex.

Badeline[edit | edit source]

Badeline is Madeline's other self. She first appears in Old Site, shattering the mirror. Afterwards, she constantly tries to convince Madeline to abandon climbing Celeste Mountain, even causing her to fall at the start of Reflection. Following this occasion, Madeline starts fighting Badeline until she finally concedes.

Then, Badeline agrees to work together with Madeline to try climbing Mount Celeste yet again, despite the fall. This is indicated by Badeline giving Madeline a second dash and boosting Madeline in the form of Badeline orbs. In Farewell, Badeline argues with Madeline trying to stop her from following the Bird, limiting the occasions on which the second dash can be used behind a double dash refill.

Theo[edit | edit source]

Theo's family. From left to right: Alex, Theo, Carlos.

Theo is another mountain climber whom Madeline meets in either chapter 1, 2, or 3. He is less serious and more laid-back than Madeline. He climbs the mountain mainly to snap some photos for his InstaPix profile. Throughout the journey, he also takes a few (two or three, depending on the route) selfies with Madeline. They help each other on various occasions: Theo calms Madeline down at the end of Golden Ridge when she has a panic attack; Madeline carries Theo in the crystal in Mirror Temple to the temple's exit; they discuss mental problems in Reflection, and, finally, they party in the Epilogue. He also appears in the ending cutscene of Farewell in a video call trying to support Madeline over Granny's death.

Theo has a grandfather named Carlos and a sister called Alex[1].

Carlos[edit | edit source]

Carlos is the name of Theo's now-deceased grandfather, whom he mentions as a person who taught him about Celeste Mountain. Theo mentioned him at the start of Reflection, but his name is only revealed in Farewell along with his photo, which Theo shows to Madeline. This photo depicts Carlos with Granny, suggesting that they were friends.

Alex[edit | edit source]

Alex is Theo's sister. She is similar to Madeline in terms of her personality, as mentioned by Theo at the start of Reflection.

Alex will be named Maddy if the player names the main character Alex at the beginning of the game.

In Celeste 64, it is revealed that Madeline and Alex are dating after being hooked up by Theo.

Mr. Oshiro[edit | edit source]

Mr. Oshiro is a ghost who runs Celestial Resort. Throughout this chapter, he accompanies Madeline, trying to get her to stay in the hotel. However, after Badeline criticizes him and his resort, he lashes out at Madeline, chasing her.

He can be seen in the credits using dust bunnies to help him clean the hotel, indicating that he got over his anxieties. He also appears in the Epilogue, attending a party after the Bird told him about it.

Granny[edit | edit source]

Granny is a character who lived on Celeste Mountain. At first presenting herself as grumpy and dismissive, she tried to help Madeline with her climb and gave helpful advice, even supporting Madeline after her fall in Reflection and suggesting she find and talk to her other part. Granny died shortly before the events of Farewell, which becomes the chapter's key plot point. At the end of said chapter, Theo shows Madeline Granny's picture in her youth; there, Granny's name is revealed to be Celia.

Bird[edit | edit source]

The Bird is a character that often appears alongside Granny; it is thought that the Bird is Granny's pet. It teaches the player the game's controls and techniques. In Farewell, Madeline tries to chase the Bird to get to Granny, believing she is near. This causes it to fly away until Madeline finally catches it. Later, the Bird becomes an entity flinging Madeline rightwards.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

  1. Maddy if the player names the main character Alex.