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Chapter 9


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 • Madeline
 • Badeline
 • Granny
 • Bird
Celeste: Farewell OST:
02  •   Fear of the Unknown
03  •   Joy of Remembrance
04  •   In Stasis
06  •   Beyond the Heart
07  •   Final Defiance
10  •   Farewell
13  •   wavedash.ppt

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Purge Farewell is the final chapter of Celeste, as well as being the longest and hardest. Released on September 9, 2019 as free DLC (update, it features a space-themed setting, and various new mechanics such as 2-Dash Refills, Pufferfish and Jellyfish, alongside mechanics from every other chapter mixed in.

Farewell introduces Wavedashes to the player, but also uses other tech such as Wallbounces. Unlike all other main chapters in Celeste, only one side (an A-Side) is present, due to the developers not wanting to split up the experience. It is initially unlocked as soon as 8A is completed, but more than half of the chapter's checkpoints are gated off by a Crystal Heart Gate requiring fifteen hearts to open.

Many characters make an appearance in this chapter. Madeline and Badeline play major roles throughout the entirety of this chapter. The Bird becomes a central character and gameplay mechanic as opposed to its use in chapters 1-8, with Granny playing a significant narrative role, forming part of the backbone of the plot behind Chapter 9. Theo makes an appearance in the ending cutscene.