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Chapter 7
The Summit

The Summit

47    3

 • Madeline
 • Badeline (7A  •  7B)
 • Granny (7C)
Celeste OST:
18  •   Reach for the Summit

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The Summit

The Summit is the seventh chapter of Celeste. Preceded by Reflection and succeeded by Core, it's a throwback to the previous chapters, reusing most of mechanics from them, paired with the newly obtained second dash. Unlike the previous chapter, The Summit is a little bit of a step-up in difficulty, and it features a lot of platforming with no safe ground underneath. The last checkpoint features flags that count down until the player reaches the top.

The Summit introduces two new mechanics, upwards wind (also known as "upwind") and downwards wind (also known as "downwind"), and is the first full level where the player has two dashes instead of one.