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Seeded Strawberries are a special type of Strawberry which first appear in Old Site. In order to collect this berry, Madeline needs to grab all of the seeds in the room without touching the ground. This proves somewhat difficult for newer players, but there is a small exploit which can help. Any input for jumping off of the ground will immediately revoke all of the seeds which have been collected, however, if Madeline touches a surface, then within a small time frame (around 1/6 of a second) walks off of said surface (bunnyhops), the seeds will be kept. Dashes will, however, be restored.

When all of the seeds have been collected, a cutscene plays, and they merge into a Red Strawberry which can then be collected.

Occurrences[edit | edit source]

Seeded Berries notably appear in the following chapters:

Old Site A-Side

Golden Ridge A-Side - here, wind starts blowing upon collecting the first seed

Mirror Temple A-Side

Summit A-Side